1. Plus if someone has even a little bit more of certain hormones their nose will be much bigger. And then what? What a bunch of fucking imbeciles

  2. Ya except it’s Tammy Baldwin instead of Markley (because to be honest I don’t know his views on issues lmao)

  3. Markey's one of the leading supporters of the Green New Deal, he'd totally be one of them

  4. I know it's probably just a normal late 19th century outfit but the shirt looks like one of those anime schoolgirl shirts lol

  5. "Franklin get in the damn wheelchair"

  6. Its very funny that the conservatives in England are arguably more progressive than Democrats

  7. Are you fucking kidding me 😭 no they're not, don't say this shit you have no idea what the Conservatives are doing

  8. What are they doing that the Dems aren't also doing right now?

  9. Does anyone have a schedule for the debates?

  10. Well, it depends. Any place that would be moving a lot, or rubbing against something (like fabric or any other part of your body) is usually a pain to heal.

  11. Oh! There wouldn't be a wound, I do cat scratches, no blood or anything

  12. Still, it's going to sting for a lot longer. The skin in the chest area is also more sensitive, so please be careful if you do so.

  13. Sumner Socialist Sumner Socialist

  14. Hypothetically speaking, what happens if the same person wins the primary for both parties?

  15. Just becomes the candidate on both tickets. Some old Republican from Vermont won the D and R primaries in like the 40s, Aiken I think

  16. The Governor, the Senators, and the Representative. Anyone else is CGI

  17. Never forget that this states' rights thing is just a dog whistle to just say they don't want protection for your rights

  18. when we gave them refuge we also imported the retarded problems that ruined their own country now they are here ruining ours

  19. I'm a conservative socialist, but Trumpism is incompatible with Marxism-Leninism

  20. Weren't you a libertarian a week ago 💀

  21. I know this is just a troll thing, but please don't hurt yourself.

  22. Dumb fuck "joke" based on Harry Turtledove's novel Guns of the South, where time travelling South African Neo-Nazis give modern weaponry to the Confederacy

  23. "let's give it a whirl" xD yoooooooo he sounds like bill nye or those other school videos everyone tunes out

  24. Jefferson, Lincoln, and Grant weren’t protestants either.

  25. WASP is just a cultural background, I'm agnostic but still a WASP

  26. I want MAGACommunism. I want LaRouche to rise from the grave. Why tf am I being downvoted for this dumbass joke 😭

  27. Bring back Benjamin Franklin and tell him, he'll pop a boner

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