1. CN stats lmao it's unbeatable literally no one can do it . Only way is hacking

  2. there have been 2 clears that I've watched live so far. one was streamed in a crew discord (done by zael in radiant server) and the other one was done on twitch, so I assume you can watch the vod after they go offline (the glades server)

  3. Forcing Meryl there idk about that . But offcrs l 1st one is better

  4. That actually accurate. Like for Kaiser's pay for a young pro that's pretty accurate

  5. Dude it's a outfit Ur not forced to buy it or anything. If u love it and can get it do it . If not stay away from it . simple as that

  6. Italy and the lion and the mentality is no coincidence and most say it's Zlatan for barou

  7. Barou is the opposite. Baloteli wasn't serious at all . While barou is

  8. Overall better state I would say . Just make sure u switch to a popular server that speaks Ur language and Ur good

  9. Is their like a suggested servers based off language in game or by the players?

  10. And then level infinite will just give 10% of it for global

  11. Maybe we can get nem from this box after she enters the standart banner

  12. I m curious, a hat trick is 3 goals in one match, so wouldn’t that mean until you score that third goal, the earlier 2 don’t have that much value on their own? So the third is the hat trick goal.

  13. Sounds more like caring about the looks . And as u said isagi will shine later on even more

  14. Gigachad my ass . They ruined on of the best designs ever with this shit

  15. Why won't I be angry . I love her design and everything about her and yeah I do pull when I love a character. But like her kit is abysmal at this point like at least make it mid or just normal . Not xinyan level man like why

  16. Ok I know this was a while ago now and all of the drama died down over it, he’s actually really good still

  17. The lastest words from beta testers says that she got buffed and is on par with Phys or higher in some cases . That's the word around now we wait till 2 feb

  18. This just made me clock that barou is the CR7 of bluelock

  19. I'd say more like Zlatan with the lion and king mentality

  20. Ego explained that nagis goal could actually hurt him in the long run and not replicable but most people don’t see that and go crazy over it. It makes sense that his salary is that high in a way

  21. I'll hit u up when I'm in hopefully no one clears it before hand💀

  22. Uhm no one was expecting faruzan lmao should've put kuki

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