1. Vouchers consume the full amount, even if it's more than the value of the item being bought. Best used for higher coin amounts or higher value tickets such as GO Fest.

  2. Honestly people need to stop saying "gO oUtSidE anD ExPlorE", that isn't a ****ing option for everyone and that's perfectly okay. Don't bootlick.

  3. I know this post is old but I'm going through the same thing too. My Laptop had great audio until I knocked into an issue that prevented my laptop from booting into Windows 11 normally so I had to do a re installation of Windows 11 and my audio is very shit. I have it set to 100 and I can't even barely hear a movie. I've gone to my enhancement tab in Realtek Audio Console and put every bar to the max and still my Audio is shit. I've tried running my usual Intel driver updates and it's not finding any updates for my Audio and I've gone through Windows updates and no Audio updates there either... I'm beyond going insane. I don't know what to do to get my audio working perfectly again.

  4. Literally. It worked and now it's doing it again. The only option left is to just contact the actual company's tech support. I don't understand why it's so complex an issue to just make the volume louder. What's weirder is any EQ or volume boost apps don't work, as if something is literally preventing it becoming any louder.

  5. Swear to god if I see one more 'check drivers updated', people wouldn't be asking this question if they hadn't done the obvious 1 brain cell required steps to fix it. My audio is literally quieter despite driver re-installs, update checks, Windows updates, everything, and it still won't be loud enough everywhere despite the 'Test'. If people actually suggested something beyond the obvious solutions, we might get somewhere.

  6. I leave because that's when the shift ends. Short staffing's not our problem.

  7. we have a lack of competent and good employees. there are plenty of new hires but most sadly do not live up to what is needed and expected from them. competent people are quitting too so it’s just getting worse

  8. Competent people just get higher expectations whilst the understaffing continues, forcing them to quit.

  9. And he called Nadia Nora in the first episode of the second season. He seems to know their families of origin.

  10. Honestly, it's their own karma for ignoring the original Smiths version that sounds exactly the same and better.

  11. I think OP is the grey, and the insecure manager unnecessarily accused OP of being passive-aggressive just for kindly asking a question. Otherwise, maybe there's more context needed and the manager wrote that in a way to sound patronising.

  12. I think if it matched up with every other body feature having realistic versatile options, it wouldn't be so silly. If you were able to literally do anything to your character's physique. I guess it's cool depending on how deep you are a storyteller, to imagine whether you want your V to make choices based on small man syndrome or not lol.

  13. Let people not enjoy things. Not everyone is gonna have the same exact taste as you, that doesn’t mean they’re trying to stop you from listening to what you like.

  14. That doesn't mean you should openly talk shit in front of potential fans, it's just rude and common courtesy at gigs to be respectful. Not that I was surprised to find that the 90% TikTok user crowd liked Cassyette and hated Placebo.

  15. Because Casseyette brought energy and a well-mixed sound that Placebo didn’t

  16. Missed my point entirely, that still doesn't justify bad gig etiquette. All the same, you should ask if they'd consider a comedian for a support slot. Placebo don't have to be so extra when they know what they are and have done it well since the mid 90s.

  17. The thing is, Nancy is clearly sweet-natured and has a real problem with the things Steve did. They also have nothing in common. Nancy and Jonathan on the other hand have a clear chemistry and have gone through a massively traumatic ordeal together. I think it is much more realistic that Nancy would seek comfort with Jonathan after that, rather than going back to the self-centred guy who did all those awful things and wasn't really involved in the whole ordeal until the very end.

  18. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous. If you see a dude everyone says is creepy literally photographing your girlfriend, what would anyone do? Especially when you're immature.

  19. Did anyone else lose their minds seeing the Portishead feature...

  20. Suppose this is subjective but during Covid, all the "it's okay to binge" "this Christmas there is no naughty list", as someone with an eating disorder and anxiety I really didn't need this encouragement following me on every fucking advert. Corporations literally encouraged us to be more unhealthy DURING a pandemic that targets less vulnerable immune systems, and we just let that happen and agreed with them.

  21. "At >company< we believe >value< that's why >something about product<" I can't believe nobody has picked up on this, but like four adverts a day for the last decade have been copying this sentence formula. It's annoying as fuck, and so transparent as not a single one of these statements has ever been true, they just want to make money from good PR and appear that they care. And I know a lot of people realise this, but what annoys me is the formula has been going this long without a revamp - nobody believes it. Stop.

  22. Bit late to this but the formula of "At >something< we believe >something< that's why ><" I can't believe nobody has noticed the prevalence of this for like over a decade, it's so tired and transparent.

  23. The Bends, no question. That album is the technical masterpiece for his vocals, he put a spin on all that in the following albums.

  24. I really hope they don't avoid a sequel because of stupid money expectations. It still did well, and people loved it, and plenty of games have done better in their sequels.

  25. Either you're rich, it's a boot or some poor fool didn't realise what they were giving away.

  26. people clearly agree with me bruh and it’s nothing that deep, but if you can’t just buy a $35 record without thinking about it you should probably be putting that $35 towards something more meaningful or useful. and no i have a full time job but keep it running my boy 🗣

  27. Also good work not answering my question. Literally have no argument besides "I'm miserable and want to inflict it on others". Don't let 113 people make you feel special, they're just as sad as you.

  28. who hurt you bro 😭 mf on reddit talmbout the spider-man theme and shit bro YOU need to re-evaluate

  29. Lmao another sign of a desperate fool, you had to go looking at my profile for some tea 'cos you can't even make an argument for yourself here. You're a pathetic piece of depressed dogshit and the sad thing is, I know you know it behind all this joking around. If you weren't we wouldn't be here. Hope you get through it, honestly.

  30. How the fuck did lawyers later say "in the full context, she tried to talk him out of it". What texts were they reading?

  31. It’s so weird. I just read 184 pages of them and I kind of know what they’re saying. Like in the beginning she was really trying to help him and earlier she would say things like “you don’t really want to die, there’s a part of you that didn’t want to because the attempt didn’t work” — not something a therapist would say, but it did seem like she was trying to elicit some acknowledgement of hope from him. She also is clearly more interested in him than the other way around. Then there’s this WILD turn where she 1) starts using that “reverse psychology” more intensely (“you clearly don’t actually want to do it”— I read the start of this as possible frustration at his continued suicidal comments?) AND 2) seems to start entering a fantasy, the glee fantasy, where they’re so in love and he kills himself. He becomes nicer/more effusive toward her when she encourages him (rather than when she told him to get help, and he would say she doesn’t understand.) She then becomes almost FRANTIC about him doing it.

  32. it's fucked up. she basically began to care, then midway discovered it could be a cute fantasy and encouraged him to die. and the asshole has barely served any time for it.

  33. Nah this is totally off. He was suicidal, this ruins that whole backstory which they clearly iterated in the film.

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