1. Lol no I don’t think you are in the right place buuut this intrigued me.

  2. That's something I dislike about the cards with comic art they almost never are of the same design as the actual figure

  3. I really hate when instead of some artwork they just throw in a poorly photoshoped picture of the figure.

  4. There was an awesome Harry Potter figure back when the third movie came out. He had magnets on his hands and feet to hold his broom and do that “surfing” trick he does in the movie.

  5. He had all the lines done for season 1 and 2, the voice actor for "the tales of Bah Sing Se" is the new one and was done to honor the voice actor while the rest of the season was in post production, the new VA also refuses to sing the song at cons or meet and greets because "that's Makos song"

  6. I’m midway through season 3 (had to pause when Zuko first meets the gang after the failed invasion) but I felt Iroh’s voice sounded great in the couple of lines he has. Couldn’t really tell the difference.

  7. The guy who replaced him is really good and clearly had a lot of respect for Mako.

  8. I haven’t seen the show since Robbie kicked Miguel down the stairs in the season finale. They are all friends now? Cool, I really should make an effort to catch up.

  9. Probably the only good thing he ever did.

  10. He also pulled him out of that crackhouse after Jane died.

  11. Did you also got a chance to read the Preacher single issues? They provide a ton of background on all the main characters that might not be relevant to the story, but it’s great to get to know them better!

  12. Sounds like you have a specific show in mind. Which one did they shit the bed with? I’m curious.

  13. Not OP but I assume he’s referring to TLOU which I guess it can’t be said that they shat the bed since it was a success, but boy did they screw up the story.

  14. That was always my headcanon. The Captain Amazing was who the suit was for, and Art mentions it bc he’s just so engrossed in chilling with his Boi Mark and only after mark leaves does he realize like… shit I revealed who the costume was for. Hope mark doesn’t tell anyone

  15. My thoughts exactly :) Like, exactly… Kinda creepy actually, did you read my diary?

  16. Yeah, he tried to keep going with Jumper, but after that movie underperformed, he was pretty done

  17. There was also that one movie were he is getting an open heart surgery but anesthesia goes wrong and he’s awake for the whole thing.

  18. I was once in a summer camp and got super excited because they told us next day we were going to learn how to make a pizza. That “pizza” was a slide of bread with ketchup, a little bit of ham, and a little bit of cheese.

  19. Is this official??? I saw a couple once but I had no idea they have articulation, so cool!!

  20. Si, poquito antes andabamos todos emocionados en la escuela porque porfin ibamos a tener techo en el patio… y pusieron unas laminas transparentes que se veian bien pinches jajaja.

  21. I hope they have the same girl, and this keeps happening to her over and over again, through subsequent sequels.

  22. Three movies later Okay I’ve finally learned my lesson, I’ll never climb up a high place again!

  23. No and I don't care to. Just because something was made into a documentary doesn't make it true. It means someone with an agenda picked up a camera.

  24. I did actually watch the documentary. There are two things that are made perfectly clear in that doc:

  25. And the follow on fact is that MJ was paying for the opportunity to do shit like sleep in the same bed as a child.

  26. Oh I wasn’t excusing pedophilia in any way, I’m just pointing out that in this case, whatever actually happened doesn’t matter to the parents, they just wanted to make as much money as possible, literally pimping out their children.

  27. I love Breaking Bad as much as the next guy but you do know this is a pretty common trope right? Breaking Bad didn’t invent it.

  28. When Malcolm throws a tantrum in front of everyone at the bowling venue.

  29. Palpatine bursting into song trying to seduce Anakin to the dark side:

  30. Y’all this is what she just sent me “ “ It is. My girlfriend is a vet. She said they develop in two ways. Either proximal-distal or Cephalocaudal. His behavior and growth markets are in spot. I need to know now if you do not want him. When he goes to the Vet and the Vet does the health cert and if he does NOT clear him due to a genetic defect I WILL return your deposit. But if Vet says he is fine, it is non-refundable. But I do need to know now if you want him. I can’t have you wait and if you don’t like his looks, back out. It’s not fair to the pup or myself. “

  31. “It’s not fair to the pup or myself” What???? They are the ones who aren’t taking care of the puppy!!! Please say yes but go to the vet and one that you choose! What’s this bs of “my gf is a vet” Also go with them if you can, they are gonna try to sell you a sick puppy and if you don’t fall for it, someone else will, and/or the puppy will die.

  32. They commented above that they “don’t want no dog with a big ass head”; it’s not likely they are willing to save the dog out of the goodness of their heart…or at all.

  33. Lets not assume the worst of each other just yet and just hope OP finds a way to help these puppies.

  34. Solved! I sent the link to my uncle and was waiting for confirmation. Yep, it’s this one. Thank you!

  35. My uncle says the movie isn’t very good but for some reason he’s very insisting in finding it.

  36. The last decent Dredd figure I can remember was the one Toy Biz released back in 2007, and even that wasn't a great figure.

  37. It’s not perfect but I love that figure! I wish I’d taken better care off it, I unfortunately lost one of his guns :(

  38. White Knight or the OG? Amazon’s Mexico has the OG in stock for $769 pesos which is like $40 USD, but I have no idea how this info could be useful to you lol.

  39. Tacos La Cima. Che taquillo pedorro que no llega a taco de $5 pesos. “Ayy pero la salsa” esta equis, absolutamente nada especial.

  40. Todos los de cumbres te dicen que están bien chingones nada más porque no hay otra opción de tacos mañaneros decentes jajajaja

  41. Eso es lo peor, que si hay carajo! Hace rato que no voy a los Combi Tacos, recuerdo que la ultima vez se me hicieron algo caros, pero igual valieron la pena porque estaban bien buenos.

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