Woodstock ‘99: a little rant.

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  1. 18-34 IS the cool demographic. The punk ethos is never trust anyone over 30. 2x18 is just old.

  2. Don't matter. You're only young once, but you can be immature forever. Being young and hip will come and go, but being fun and playful is always in

  3. I came to get brown, I came to get brown! So get out your seat and get fuckin brown!

  4. Or, we could just stop. Even for a week. Take water and some ready food to your local shelter. Don't rush the supplies. Pick a day that's not hot or cold whether you are up or down. Don't. Riot. Stay home. If you can. We know now who has the really necessary jobs. Don't internet. Try not to use power period. That's my idea. Hold productivity hostage. Even for a few days. The top would have a meltdown

  5. And Amish. People think they're all virtuous... But they're depraved abusers behind the facade.

  6. But, have you ever seen one run? Fuck! Can they run?

  7. Some of these comments fail to mention how speed plays a roll. That third number doesn't mean anything if you can't throw the disc at the recommended speed.

  8. Can we start an atheist nationalist party? separation of church and state, religion not allowed in politics, law, or justice system, or practiced in school, although taught about, is ok.


  10. Tap water builds character -Aesop Rock

  11. I will murder out a Civic so my darkness shows

  12. I didn't go to 99 bc I knew "those" bands would attract all them future Trump voters

  13. Got real excited for the Limp Bizkit reunion, did ya?

  14. Yeah, but I'm 42 this year and my oldest was born 6-02 so all of those events kind of bisected my life. Those and a near fatal car crash in 04. Finally got to see the B-Boys one week, dying in a field the next. Life really flips around.

  15. Paying $140 for one ticket for one night now and these kids rioting over a whole weekend for $150?

  16. Damn, c'mon? Dat Boi def drives a Avenger, spray can murdered, 360⁰ 100% tint on stealies blasting hick rap on his way to the store for more Bugler and K2

  17. That’s what they did with the recreational marijuana ballot initiative. Gave the signature collectors an illegal date and told them it was their fault for it and took it off the ballot this year.

  18. I thought they made a deal with the referendum people to not run it in this mid-cycle year so dems won't show up in November?

  19. Rt femur compound fracture Ti rod/ screws 11-04

  20. So an insurrection isn't enough to constitute domestic terrorism?

  21. but the Dems and antifa had ALL of the cities across America burning to the ground with their protests. For other human rights. Duh?

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