1. Rockets fans have hated Bill for a while because he always shit on Harden and the overblown Jalen Green comment put it over the top.

  2. Starting to think this podcast is like a great power hitter in baseball…probably gonna hit like .250 with a lot of strike outs but you are okay with it if you get 40+ home runs.

  3. We all know Hines and Murray are going to go off with the starters out and the owners of the starters won’t have either of them.

  4. What’s the timeline for Swifts return? I’d be hesitant to give up healthy players for one who’s not 100% slated to play.

  5. Is Zach the highest approval media member in all of sports? I can’t imagine someone being the “I hate Zach Lowe guy”

  6. Yea lol let’s be honest this sub looks for any reason to dislike a player. He’ll be insanely hyped and loved on this sub until like after year 3 when people start wondering if he can be a true number 1 since his team hasn’t made it to the conference finals yet

  7. Unless he’s white. Josh Giddey is Ben Simmons without defense and everything he does gets gold.

  8. This kid. It's like Gobert and Durant had a baby

  9. I've said this before on here and I'll say it again: everyone is better as a guest than a host except Bill. There's a different kind of energy and excitement when Lowe, Russillo, Big Cat, etc. are guests compared to hosts.

  10. I'm so ready for Bill's takes on Wemby's body and fluidity.

  11. AB to raiders comes to mind. Maybe Moss as well.

  12. Imagine going 28/5/9 vs the #1 prospect and still being overshadowed by him in the same game

  13. I don’t think you’re understanding the term prospect here. Scoot absolutely is being projected higher than Luka was as a prospect, even if those projections missed out on how good Luka is.

  14. People seem to fail to understand Luka was not the prospect we think he should've been based on his immediate impact in the league.

  15. Blake Bortles walked so Jalen Hurts and Kyler Murray could run.

  16. Wembanyama is just 7'4" Danny Green so it checks out.

  17. Incoming "Had to do it one time lol #Holocaust" tweet from Wembanyama.

  18. From the very limited baseball talk I've heard from Bill, he considers Mike Trout a "good stats bad team" type of player which doesn't even exist in baseball and his Red Sox homerism is more annoying than the Celtics or Patriots. I don't think it would be well received here.

  19. Idk I think framing it as a "nerd thing" is almost entirely gone. I heard very little criticism of Harbaugh's decision.

  20. I think it's just a matter of volume and consumer base.

  21. They're basically on call. The hours are abysmal.

  22. Haha as someone who has taken call as a resident I don’t think this is true at all…maybe the emergency podcast every few months that takes 2-3 hours tops, but otherwise I imagine it’s all pretty predictable?

  23. The reason why PMT has been so successful is they’re psychotic about being on top of everything. So if something pops off at 11pm on a Tuesday they jump on and record a segment for the Wed drop.

  24. But they’ll never release a podcast on a Tuesday or Thursday, so it’s not quite the same.

  25. We need Comeback Player of the Year much more than any other award.

  26. At some point Giannis gonna look around the locker room and realize his supporting cast is washed

  27. They won a ring tho and now are trying to patch work it together to squeeze out one more from the roster.

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