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  1. That old man did a double take and chose life that day

  2. MVE3 says:

    She’s 61, that’s a rough 61.

  3. Depend what state or country you are in.

  4. MVE3 says:

    Where does it say US?

  5. I don’t think I’m some kind of freak either. I’m healthy and emotionally present. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  6. So what do you do? When does it come to the point of looking elsewhere?

  7. Re-pitching this one: Third Eye, but Bill Hicks never finishes saying 'real'

  8. If he never finishes this would have to be the last song of the set

  9. Nah that song actually rules

  10. No we wouldn’t because him and Putin are boys

  11. OP: I’m 10 months sober

  12. healing kind of busted, can circumvent the limitation by Just stabbing the person you want to heal, waiting for them to bleed for several minutes and then healing them

  13. Also to think about little kids with cancer to not choose healing is just fucked up.

  14. Grind but all the members start grinding on eachother

  15. Hated it at first. But honestly, it’s a pretty good carrot to keep me playing this boring, stale game

  16. I know a lot of people say this when a new game comes out but this is by far the most boring cod ever made. I tried so hard to enjoy it but the progression, maps, UI, challenges or lack of and everything in between is just plain boring. I play a game or two then I’m just done. Every call of duty I have played all year and unless some things drastically change I’ll just play a game or two here or there.

  17. The boy was the son of the director or a producer or something


  19. “Thanks! I love when balding men have such high confidence. So cute!”

  20. Atonement was pretty good but I would put daylight, breathing, descent and heartache above it.

  21. “Ever wonder why ice cubes taste so boring? It’s cuz you make ’em outta stupid water, you bimbo! Put some fruit juice in there and freeze it into ice cubes, and put THAT in your milk.”

  22. One of paper = four of coin

  23. Any other links to the other artwork?

  24. She said it’s a staff photo and he is not staff

  25. Where is this job your friend works for? Also asking for a friend.

  26. A looking in view with special guests christina aguilera Arianna grande and Mariah Carey who are all trying to outsing each other at the same time.

  27. Gay porno mags from the early 70s. Found behind some paneling in a basement.

  28. Sad thing is this was probably some regular dude that had a family and a wife or whatever and was hiding it behind the paneling because it wasn’t widely accepted then. At least that’s the story I’m going with.

  29. wow you actually weren't kidding. By posting on this subredit she's either looking for "exposure therapy" for negative self talk, or looking for fresh new justifications for her bulimia

  30. I deleted and edited my post here after looking at op’s history. You clearly need a lot of help, get off only fans and social media and get professional help. I wish you well.

  31. It’s there I don’t want to link it because I feel bad for her and it’s probably not helping her.

  32. That's awesome. So glad you did not get the "just don't be sad", or "snap out of it" or "you are being over dramatic"

  33. I got a “there, there” once and that was it on my own

  34. I wonder if an alien somewhere has one of us like this as his doorbell?

  35. Oh he’s a hero. Living with the kind of thoughts that make you literally think you must kill yourself?? Is soooo hard. And he has taken his battle and thrown the doors wide open to tell everyone who will listen, just hold out. Just reach out. It can absolutely get better.

  36. I hope in the future there is a cure for mental illness and they look back on what our generations had to endure like we look back on the plagues.

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