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When you come across a feel-good thing.

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  1. Sir, you can't park there...

  2. Rude people. Like people who treat badly a cashier or a waiter. Like you can "excuse" them on: oh they have ego or like they are shitty people. But (and idk why) I genuinely don't understand it.

  3. I think something in catalan would be better

  4. Escolta, o pares amb el puto bus o te'l pose per el cul.

  5. O potser "Eu, que aqui hi ha gent intentant dormir, i tots dies el mateix putu soroll... Una mica de respecte, si us plau!!!", més suau.

  6. Bueno, si volem anar per la ruta pacifista està bé... També et dic que jo no se si aniría suau després de 10 minuts amb el puto bus a tota hostia per la nit jajaj

  7. I thought that the 73 was how many times she got stabbed. I was like: damn it was personal

  8. Plot twist: it actually started to tokyo drift.

  9. OK FOUND IT! We have an aerial show in GijĂłn this weekend and one of the formation flights in the schedule is a couple of skymasters painted as USAF O-2s. This also coincides with the couple of F-18s that were parked next to them! Thanks a LOT to all of you!

  10. Jokes aside this could be 100% a real airline...

  11. As a kid in Israel I found so many of those and always kept them.. And then kept many more that I found, some even complete and unfired, when I was in the Air Force. Now every time I go anywhere in the country or outside with a new bag I have to check everywhere for hidden ammunition parts..

  12. My man is getting ready for something we don't know yet...

  13. When they are having sex but don't tell anyone

  14. Same. But after i restart my phone it works fine. But now the issue happens again. I'm going to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it solve the problem.

  15. I restarted the phone and the problem still goes on... I'm too lazy to uninstall xd I guess as always, it eventually will fix itself.

  16. I searched Hyundai instrument panel bulb and came up with some promising results. Try this part number

  17. Thanks for still trying to find it with me xd But it's not. The light bulb goes inside the swith itself so when you put the lights, all the dashboard and other backlighting turns on. This is the light bulb of the rear wiper switch. So it's not in the dashboard itself but inside the swich casing... It's driving me nuts ngl

  18. Thanks! I'll edit the post in case I find something... Thanks for the will to help me hahaha

  19. Mhhh this usually sits in the same place where the spare wheel is...

  20. A nice take on the story can be found in a Wendigoon's

  21. That will be 50 dolars sir.

  22. Hey, spotter but not from Madrid... I can tell you 100% there is a spotters community though. I guess you know already but there is this page called where you can check all different spots where you can catch the different airplanes. As far as I know, even though it's an air base, there is not that much of a problem spotting there. Just don't be silly. But, since it's a special ocasion, idk if they will put some trouble on the plane spotters who go there

  23. Had the same question but with Germans ahahaha I'm super friendly with strangers, and when I went there I was unsure if it was ok for them to stare a bit and then nod as a salutation or something... (spoiler, they don't seem to like it that much xd Except some special cases)

  24. Ironically he got grabbed by the crab...

  25. I fucking love how he is not bothered by the chaos and holds his position! You can see he flinches a bit but remembers who is the true enemy and why he is there and just goes back to his designated position. LOVE IT!

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