It is frustrating to see valid criticism of what is likely POE's worst league be nearly completely overtaken by hyperbole, misinformation, and straight up conspiracies

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  1. Are thise decorative gourds? Its almost the season for that, i wonder how the futures market looks? Might be an opportunity there.

  2. There is a small device available from places like Etsy called the "Annoy-a-tron" that emitts a beep at a random interval of between 30seconds and 15mins.

  3. They do wonders slipped inside the frame or behind the cloth walls of a cubicle.

  4. What makes you think this is a conspiracy? People's perception is their reality. Managing peoples perceptions and expectations is a key part of any businesses endevor - "anchoring" is a common strategy for setting expectations.

  5. Easier than cleaning up the puke, I'm pretty sure it is established when she lives with Emily that she doesn't like to clean.

  6. The worst name for a project ever... If i was a compeitor trying to take down a rival product this is the kind of slogan i would want associated with it... "No more LoMo"...

  7. Man the presence of aurabots is really double edged for me.

  8. i feel like there needs to be a hard cap on the number of aura/herald skill a player can be affected by at once. Make your own skills take priority over buff auras from other players and don't let the player turn another one on if they are at the cap. (4-5 maybe?) You could even add a mastery under the appropriate skill clusters to increase your cap and/or add "can be affected by "x" additional auras" as a gear mod.

  9. Or don't go into any of that dogshit nonsense you just described and just set most of the aura effect nodes to only affect the aura caster (so "you" in poe terms) and his minions, not other players. Aurabotting solved in one simple change. Ingenious design. Out of this world.

  10. the whole point of auras is/should be to support party memebers (including minions) if you just want self-buffs, remove them entirely. Hald the problem with PoE season over season is the whole "build bad" so "nuke it" attitude you are promoting. It would be far better for the health of the game to find ways to improve most people's experiences without taking away the ability of others to play their preferred build.

  11. I once worked at a small burrito place, and while cleaning the bathroom I saw rice and beans on the floor around the toilet. Some mf was eating their burrito on the toilet in a public restaurant. I was astonished and disgusted

  12. I feel it weird because you're eating the whole fish, raw. No questions asked like "are you sure" or something. Just boom, gone, not even the scales and skin left. Gross.

  13. How can I do that in a efficient way though?

  14. Make / post a video of your own that "accidently" gives away the location it is being filmed at... Or take a photo of her outside the building with your phone leaving the location in the file's metadata and then have a friend or use a throwaway account to point out the location that way.

  15. What if Kim writes $BBIG on her ass in red lipstick one hour before the market opens?

  16. Short summary (no really, this is the short version, the long version is a book).

  17. This is probably the best, most concise, summary of the story I've seen.

  18. You should check out the dumpster behind the local Wendy's.

  19. The ones along my fence with the neighbor probably would have been, but OGE's tree "trimming" contractors lopped them off all the way down to the dirt.

  20. Stop having thoughts and be a good little cog in the machine. That's what they really want isn't it?

  21. I love NMS, but I would love to see it redesigned with a smaller universe/galaxy populated with individual worlds that are significantly more detailed/varied... It's a shame that most plants don't warrant more "exploration" than a quick dip into the atmosphere to get a feeling for the color pallette and when you do find a world you want to spend a little more time on, there isn't really reason to venture very far beyond the first attractive building site you find.

  22. have you looked at the Chinese death log? it doesn't give numbers. just mob name and mob modifiers

  23. Which is still more information than you have now, even if still insufficient. Knowing that the mob which killed you had damage reflect for example would be pretty useful, especially after it happens 4 or 5 times.

  24. damage reflect is something the whole map has. its not a mod that can appear on rare mobs anymore

  25. Powerful crits then, nullified causing your defenses to suddenly drop... The bottom line is more information is better than no information. I would rather have a true damage log than what is provided on the Chinese servers, but even that limited feedback is better than nothing at all.

  26. Which will be worth the equivalent of a small Frosty after inflation.

  27. Again, I did laugh. Snorted a bit , with the quippiness of a post. I'm going long and always appreciate humor after days like this.

  28. Laugh, cry, hide in your safe space and scream at the sky... You have to find some way to cope in these crazy times.

  29. I had a dream I was in bed with Jen Aniston but…….

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