1. On a lighter side of this, as someone who has been vegetarian since the early 90's, Aubrey's comment that being vegetarian is "frictionless" made me laugh out loud. I do live in the South East were pork is king, so...

  2. Or when Michael said about when his American friend was in Germany somewhere and asked what the vegetarian options were and got the answer “veal”… 😂

  3. They take apart the problematic, misleading and factually incorrect parts of the film. There is no vegan/vegetarian bashing. In the first five minutes they say they’ve come across hardly any dogmatic/preaching vegans, and Aubrey says she’s known like one and he was just a preachy man generally, and she’s encountered WAY more loud fanatical keto/IFers.

  4. I understand where you're coming from, but I think the reason Mike and Aubrey don't do this is because it's not like... interesting, or complex. There is good health information that we know about. Eat a varied diet, with lots of whole foods (as opposed to processed), fruits and vegetables, healthy fats (like olive oil), and lean proteins (fish, chicken, tofu). Exercise about 30 mins/day.

  5. It’s so strange that the, like, the one podcast that says “hey maybe fat hate is bad maybe, and maybe wellness doesn’t always have to mean thinness maybe?” is the one where everyone’s suddenly concerned about the hosts not showing enough SCIENCE. So strange, I wonder why that could possibly be? /s

  6. I believe she is still doing her Psychoanalysis Pod. I honestly miss her friendship.

  7. I was so confused at first because Psychoanalysis Podcast is also co hosted by someone called Mike, who is also a counsellor (but school, not crisis). I didn’t know everyone well yet and it took me a little while to get names and shows straight. I feel like the horror podcast community is like the Pepe Silvia conspiracy board in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, LOL

  8. "Death and the Maiden" starring Sigourney Weaver, Ben Kingsley and Stuart Wilson. It's based on the play of the same name and for 99% of the running time it's the play put on film line for line and move by move so I feel okay recommending it even though it's by a director/filmmaker who I strongly dislike for moral reasons.

  9. Anything that your friend/s have told you in confidence with the expectation that you not tell anyone else. I've only ever been in one long-term relationship so maybe there's a Couples Code Of Conduct that's been universally accepted that I'm unaware of, and have been very hurt and damaged a couple of times because I told a close friend something in confidence (only about me, not that impacted anyone else) and she told her boyfriend or husband because "There's no secrets between us, we share everything".

  10. “If the men find out we can shapeshift, they’re going to tell the church.” ~Jahkara Smith

  11. "It is important to be comfortable in your own skin, because it is very illegal to wear someone else's." - Ed Gein

  12. You're exactly right, a lot of people live extremely blissfully unaware of the privilege they may hold. Privilege has very subtle ways of appearing in all aspects of life, we cannot control it just recognize it and be aware of the power we may hold over other people. We should also use what privileges we personally have to prop up other people.

  13. A modest proposal: An international tribunal of women is established, with branches in every country. Every man must attend the tribunal and produce at least six women who can testify to his good character to the satisfaction of the tribunal. The men who can do this can stay on earth. The men who can't are employed in a global effort to terraform Mars and will go and live there when the planet is habitable.

  14. You're 3 years in, friendo. Lots and lots of T2-havers have success in the early years because you have the scare of the diagnosis and a fire in your belly. Like any condition, managing successfully long term (talking decades, not years) is another matter. And if someone does deteriorate, it's NOT necessarily their fault, or due to a weakness or infallibility on their part. Depending on a variety of factors, deterioration to some degree, at some stage, may be inevitable. It's scary to think about this, because people love to think they have total ultimate control over their fates, medical or otherwise, but it's the truth. Total control for life might not be possible for everyone, and it's not their fault if it's not.

  15. I honestly feel like disordered eating is becoming more normalized. Almost everyone i know is "keto" or "IF". I'm glad he's speaking out.

  16. There was a book back in the mid 2000s called "Perfect Girls and Starving Daughters: the frightening new normality of hating your body" by Courtney E Martin, that addressed this phenomenon (but in young women, not men). Martin was prompted to write it when she was discussing disordered eating and body image with a mentor she looked up to, who asked her "Aren't there more important women's issues to think and write about?" literally while sipping a diet coke in lieu of eating a meal.

  17. After having given dating and relationships a really good hard try and failing repeatedly, I accepted a few years ago (I'm 40 this year) that it's not going to happen for me. This was actually me accepting what I've always known deep in my bones. Ever since early adolescence I've never been able to envisage myself as someone with a partner who loves and cherishes them and chooses them above all others, I've somehow just always known that I am not the sort of person who will be loved and valued in that way. I went against my instincts for many years and tried as hard as I could, but the best I got was a relationship that ended with the man ending our engagement one day when he tearfully admitted to me that he didn't love me enough and wasn't attracted to me enough to marry me after all.

  18. My skincare routine consists of sunscreen in summer and drinking plenty of water, that's it. I'm 40 this year and my skin is the physical attribute I get the second most amount of compliments on, from women, and compliments from other women are the ones that matter obviously, LOL. (The first is my LOTR elf princess hair.)

  19. It’s binging if you feel out of control. The quantity of food doesn’t matter. Also, the idea of cheat days means you’re still in a diet/binge mentality.

  20. I don’t think it’s that simple. An anorexic could feel out of control if they “break” and eat half an apple and five almonds. That’s not a binge.

  21. So create a charge for "termination of pregnancy without consent nor extenuating lifesaving circumstances" with the same judgements as murder

  22. No. So if you dropped something on the ground and an hour later a pregnant woman trips on it and a lawyer successfully argues that the fall is what caused her subsequent miscarriage, you should be charged with a crime equal to murder?

  23. Just wanted to say this is a great question, and success rates for long term management is more what I'm interested in when I read this subreddit. Short term success after diagnosis, including drastic drop in blood sugar levels (and often weight too) is statistically common, as people have the shock of diagnosis, fear of consequences, and fire in their belly to make sudden and drastic changes. But the pattern is that longer term successful management isn't as common - I'm talking over 10 years here, not, say, five and under. It's no criticism of people who struggle to manage longer term. It's not weakness it's human nature.

  24. I find my friend beautiful, but I understand that society treats her differently because they see her as ugly. It's a hard conversation but I do try to hold space to listen about her experience and not invalidate it with my perception when she brings it up. I want to scream "but you are not ugly" because that is my truth and it took her explaining why that was hurtful for me to learn how to hold space for her experience

  25. I'm glad you do that. It's VERY important to remember that how you feel about someone very much influences how you perceive them as a whole, including their looks. It's absolutely possible for someone who's objectively unattractive by mainstream beauty standards to have people in their lives who literally do not perceive them that way because they like and love them. So yeah, keep doing what you're doing and don't invalidate her experience in the wider world, just listen and be supportive when she needs to vent, and acknowledge her struggles. That's being a good friend.

  26. And women who aren’t considered fuckable by these men are revictimized if they are assaulted because, as we know from the garbagemonster of 2016-2020, you can’t believe “ugly” women who have reported a sexual crime because they’re too gross to rape.

  27. And THIS is the aspect of #MeToo that didn't/doesn't get talked about enough.

  28. As others have said, there certainly are some well regarded international acts. But it's also pretty much antithetical to the purpose of the Fringe Festival to pursue the biggest names. It's an unjuried arts festival - it provides opportunities for artists who wouldn't be able to participate in the curated festivals we have around the same time.

  29. Right? And even then I think it’s still one of the biggest of this kind of arts festival in the world, might even still be in the top 5 (top obviously being the Edinburgh Fringe).

  30. “Because I’m a necrophiliac so the men I’m attracted to never like me back.”

  31. This is exactly why I hate it when people treat the statement “I wear make up/do any kind of socially approved feminine beauty performance for ME not anyone else” as though we live in a vacuum. Life is hard enough as it is, of fucking course most people will do what they can to make things easier and the sad fact is women get treated better if they are conventionally attractive.

  32. Even if Marlene, the surgeon and the Fireflies had sat Joel and Ellie down and explained everything to them and Ellie had said “okay, do it”, they would have had to put Joel down like a dog before he let them proceed. He wasn’t going to let them kill Ellie even if she made the choice to sacrifice herself.

  33. He literally only showed up to see if he thought you were attractive enough for him to make an effort next time. :/

  34. Who played the surgeon??

  35. FA isn’t just about looks.

  36. One of the best concert experiences I’ve had was going alone. Nobody else I asked wanted to go and I knew I’d be mad at myself for missing out just because I didn’t want to look like a Nellie No Friends.

  37. Making David’s discovery Ellie is immune so clear to the audience added an extra twist of grossness to his sexual interest in her - he absolutely intended to try and father a whole community of immune cult followers on her. 🤢

  38. Can we talk about how Hannah, in addition to being fed her own dad, was likely David’s previous/current “pet.”

  39. I commented something similar earlier in this thread. And her mom would be powerless to stop it as he could have them both killed. D:

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