1. Love your art style, its really good 💗

  2. Wow! You captured the actual "movement" of the video very well! It somehow looks animated, despite being a still image. Great job!

  3. Your style is so cute!! 😍😍

  4. she looks so cute!🥺 your art style is so beautiful!

  5. Love the claws nails! 🐯

  6. hahaha 🐅🐅🐅🐯

  7. I'm following you! Your stuff is so pretty <3

  8. Please continue posting your fanart. They're nice

  9. haha thank you ! it was my favorite scene

  10. haha great to hear that ! no worries :15756:

  11. WOW ! very cool, i really like how you shapes her face features !

  12. welp, in kpop world, people have high hope over concepts, i personally always ignore visual concepts because i believe whatever they throw at me, if its visually pleasing, and have some good aesthetics, then i'm fine.

  13. Nice! ITZY should consider doing a reaction video to some of the lovely fan art that the midzies work so hard to make! Thanks for sharing! :15756:

  14. omg haha, just want to know i appreciate all your comments ! theyre so thoughtful !

  15. No problem! Appreciate you appreciating such! Also appreciate you sharing your striking art with all the midzies! Hoping ITZY sees it as well! :15756:

  16. Very cool style! I too would love to know the reference.

  17. it was the sneaker video teaser i think, there's a scene where she spins in her dress !

  18. Awww si rose colored sunglasses gang! Love the color aesthestic! Something that often, imo, goes under the radar is color coordination and the relative complexity of such!

  19. OMG finally someone also loves the glasses !!

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