Why does my roof dissapear?

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  1. I am gonna bet the subs name has usa in it based on that guys flair.

  2. Christ on a cracker, this cannot be real. 19k subscribers. I dipped my toes in and I think my brain is melting now. Thanks for that.

  3. i found it cuz of the wonky censoring lol

  4. There is a competition in our university: you have to make a winter-theme photograph of the uni. I thought about using photshop and featuring snow, because we won't have that for sure. Let me know if you have some ideas!

  5. If it’s your contest entry then you need to be the one doing the work.

  6. im just interested in ideas i could implement in my work

  7. oh shit, that's exactly 28,231 minutes mire than mine

  8. én is most látom először amugy. szerintem vagy volt valami frissítés vagy az hogy egy hete váltottam iphonera és csak azon van még valami új frissítés

  9. lehet 1-2 hét és lesz frissítés, annyira nem vagyok benne ezekben a témákban

  10. Kórélettan tankönyv Vagy Funkcionális élettan

  11. még csak sejtbiosszal szopok xdd, majd két év múlva jön az is

  12. got home sunday 22:30, had to change sensor so i charged it for an hour or two but then I didnt want to put it on me with a starting blood sugar of 18.3mmol/l. had to wait until around 2:00 to be in the normal range. after that until 3:30 i had to wait for calibration. then i couldnt sleep so ended up sleeping 2 hours

  13. Stop that. It's a sin, you will cast in Hell. Holy spirit is warning you. This women is evil. Pray pray I'm serious

  14. I don't remember if the UI got in to the settings page to adjust the UI zoom level, but you should be able to open up the file Preferences.prop directly in a text editor (Notepad will work) and change the line

  15. I don't know if you still know anything about this, but I managed to find the note file, though I have something like "OptionUIZoomLevel 0x07422ce float" I'm not sure what to edit, and when I try to change something it says I don't have access to change it tho I'm admin at my pc

  16. I’ve had people offer to boost me, I don’t really believe in that kind of thing.

  17. Accept it. Your rank will soon reset anyways

  18. Im upvoting just because it says egg and I want an egg in clash royale

  19. Значи има и други българи, които харесват Overlord. Много добре!

  20. Hey, looks great. there are some things you can improve though.

  21. I'll check it out when I get home, thank you

  22. Awe that's too bad. Thanks for the reply though.

  23. You should definitely give it a try though. You are still an overlord, so you rule over everything basically. So same concept. You can find steam keys even for a single euro/dollar on some places. Definitely worth

  24. Omg, I think that this should be a real official poster for this game. Brilliant!

  25. Thank you so much!! I wanted to send it to triumph but I haven't found any email adresses. Any ideas where I can try?

  26. That's because EA bought their company a few years ago.

  27. Sorry, it's not OC, didn't see flairs, where i can note it

  28. How do you get it? I didnt see it in the shop

  29. It's not in the shop, its in the season rewards

  30. Ah wow i can't believe it's free

  31. The winner has been randomly selected. Congratulations to

  32. I'm going to trust you on this one, so I'll do it without the # :)

  33. is it breast or thigh, is it bristle or sejuani

  34. What if bristle caught it for me?

  35. But but Sejuani is the woman over Bristle... What have you done...?

  36. I haven't received mine since morning and its almost midnight

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