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  1. Left behind in what way? Farming things post moonlord?

  2. Gamers on their way to fetishize Asian (hentai) women (they aren’t woke and political like other ethnicities)

  3. rj/ I'm on the fence. On one hand she's Asian (AWWWOOOGA <3), but on the other she's a w*man (woke sjw).

  4. Imi place sahul. Mi-a placut de cand eram mica. Am o singura problema.

  5. If you don't want it, I can happily receive it. For display only... of course...

  6. Legends say they're still searching to this day... but who really knows.. the truth.

  7. Some people are disgusting when it comes to photographing strangers. I remember seeing a photo made by someone on the beach. It was literally just some girl minding her own business, but no, got to take picture of some ass...

  8. If anyone knows some games that have the incest and/or futa and/or furry, reply to me instead.

  9. Cloud Meadow is a good one. It has Hentai Breeding, farming and combat. Would give it a go.

  10. So I've heard that the combat loop is very grind-y, is that the case?

  11. I haven't played for too long since I personally couldn't wrap my head around the farming part of it.

  12. Melty's Quest and Karrin's Prison. Two of the best Hentai RPGs out there.

  13. Just wanted to say that this post will do very well and have no controversy whatsoever!

  14. I hate being matchmade with players that are approximately the same skill level as me! (I can't just decimate new/low-skilled players).

  15. So strange how Legend of Grimrock has achievements but Legend of Grimrock 2 doesn't lol

  16. Wdym? Log 2 has 60 achievements, I have 47 of them, but I don't know if I'll be getting the rest, there is one that feels extremely tedious, Insane Ironman

  17. Oh? I checked a while ago but I may be remembering wrong. Thanks for replying.

  18. People, Bounty Hunter is not coming to DD2. We have to accept it lol

  19. I can't tell if you're joking or not but Red Hook released a trailer about a week ago announcing that BH is coming to DD2. He's an event exclusive character, but he's there.

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