1. I think it’s officially time for me to stop following BLF. I don’t want to come across as insensitive, but how are parents/mothers supposed to take advice from someone who has so many needs/mental health struggles herself.

  2. I just unfollowed. I LIVE for the snarkable content that they so effortlessly supply but I just can’t take it anymore, I’m so tired of being more annoyed at these 2 strangers than I am at actual people in my life 😂 I sincerely hope they lurk these subs and self examine how big of FRAUDS they are

  3. PLEASE TELL ME HOW HARD IT IS to struggle with daycare sicknesses while you pay your nannys to watch your kids at your $5million house while you work a completely flexible “job” that you are your own boss of. That’s the relatable content this actual working mom definitely wants to hear right now 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

  4. I can relate to you so much! My 3rd baby (now 5 months) has suffered from reflux, fussiness, back arching, refusing nursing, painful gas and pooping pretty much since she was born, also completely different from my first two who just ate and slept and were happy! She had blood in her diapers at the beginning of December so I was told to cut out dairy and soy which I did. She improved a lot and poops much more regularly but still had episodes which I thought related to almonds, so I cut those. Then the other day I had an egg sandwich and that evening she was in so much pain and had horrible diaper rash along with green mucous poops. So now I’ve cut egg too. All the advice I’ve seen really is you just have to wait everything out for 8-10 weeks and if things haven’t improved by then to start food journaling to figure out what else it could be. I haven’t waited 8-10 weeks with each allergen though because I can’t stand to see her miserable when it seems like an obvious reaction? It is all exhausting though! I’ve heard of some moms cutting out all the major allergens and then slowly reintroducing them to see if they react. But I also have moments where I wonder what she’s allergic to or if she’s allergic to anything, maybe it’s something else. It’s stressful and sorry I’m not much help but just wanted to let you know you’re not alone. I wish there was just a test she could take but according to my allergist it’s just trial and error with eliminating foods.

  5. Ugh yes so hard! I just don’t understand why there’s not a test 😭 and it’s so hard to convince myself to cut out ALL allergens when I don’t even know If this is allergy related at all, esp with no blood. Even my ped was like “shrug idk you can cut dairy and see if it helps?”, so it’s not even really at drs orders bc she’s not all that concerned (bc she’s not seeing what I’m seeing 24/7!) so I’m just eliminating stuff now that I don’t even know if I need to be 😑 hopefully the 6th month mark helps us both!!

  6. I feel like there should be more Raising Little Goose snark here. I can never pinpoint exactly but she always rubs me the wrong way, very arrogant and pretentious

  7. I know we snark on them a lot for not using the money/resources they have but like…..a penny in a garbage disposal is not something to pay a handyman to do, right? Am I crazy? Like deena, you CAN figure this out on your own I promise.

  8. What about doing outings with the whole family including grandparents? That way you get time with your kids and grandparents as well. That sounds like good whole family bonding time.

  9. I tend to agree with this too, and while I think they would enjoy that, they’re very insistent on solo time on the kids for whatever reason that grandparents have for that 🙄 for example…they wanted to take my 3 year old camping for 4 days an hour away from us, and I feel like they didn’t totally understand my concerns when I said thanks but no thanks to that! But I will def consider more group outings as at least an olive branch. Most of me asking here was to see if I’m way outside the norm for not having the weekly visits that they’re expecting!

  10. OP I think you should include this info in your original post. This request is, in my opinion, WILD. I love my in-laws and my mom but they would never even dream of asking for this?

  11. Yeah, it was pretty wild to me too lol FWIW, it was kind of a one off request, most of the time they’re asking to pick kids up from daycare for the night (like 3-7pm) or wanting them to spend the night on a Friday, stuff like that. And proposed camping maybe was only 3 days with one night at their house (so they could wake up early and go I guess) and then 2 nights in the camper….but still 🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s hard bc I know it comes out of a place of love, I’m super thankful for involved grandparents and I know their time is limited….but also so is mine? And for contrast, my parents (who are also retired and live close too) probably see my kids equally as often but it’s usually WITH me (we’ll go over for dinner etc) or as backup childcare bc I need it….I can’t think of one time that they were with my kids without me just because.

  12. BUT….if her daughter was exceptionally good at swinging I’m sure it would be because of her strong self feeding foundation, just like her “advanced” buttoning skills 🙄🙄

  13. Also she's going on about Adie doing up a button as if she's super advanced. Isn't she 4? That doesn't seem early to be doing up buttons to me

  14. “We don’t get sick days” my eyes literally rolled out of my head 🙄 NO ONE FEELS BAD FOR YOU

  15. Also, she can’t wait to throw her very expensive pump in the trash 🙄 like wow some women would love to have that pump. Yes pumping sucks but I have no sympathy for her

  16. This! I hated everything she was saying but the trash comment really grinded my gears, so out of touch with the reality most moms are in!!

  17. I wonder if the 'relatability' was true during the pandemic? We all felt out of control and overwhelmed. I started following around the time of the house flooding and the stuffing and at the time I found K charming. But the world had moved on and they haven't.

  18. This! In peak pandemic times everyone actually WAS in ✨survival mode ✨so they validated everyone’s feelings by giving content that made moms think they weren’t the only ones just making it through to the other side of the quarantine. But now it’s increasingly obvious that that’s just their personality/parenting lifestyle pandemic or not

  19. Ok also she says Starbucks is special her and Junie time, but then Lulu is there later. So… she went to Starbucks to hang out with Junie, packed everyone backup to get Lulu, and then… took them all back to Starbucks??? I truly do not understand.

  20. FWIW, I think the footage with LuLu is somewhere else like maybe her yoga place or a totally different day in general ha but the flooring is different from the Starbucks clip to that (tile vs carpet) so I don’t think they’re at Starbucks. But I agree it’s confusing…..bc lies usually are 🙃

  21. Hello, mom of 3 (including a current newborn) here reporting live that ALL NEWBORNS ARE HARD AT TIMES. It’s never always “blissful”…even my easiest of babies came with some tough hours. Motherhood is HARD, plz make her stop complaining about it like shes the only one that’s in the struggle while every other mother is smooth sailing. End rant 🙄

  22. Your flair. 🤣🤣🤣 How do I make mine Bounce Back Queen.

  23. 😂 do it! There’s 3 dots on the upper right corner of the subreddit Home Screen that you can click to change the flair!

  24. Not me trying to get picked by Mothercould for her holiday gift giveaways 😅

  25. Saw the story and immediately ran over here to read you guys snark about her knife skills 😂

  26. Omg. Have you guys checked out their tik toks? There is one where K says she got her hair done for a newborn photo shoot (2 weeks after having Dumbledore) but is soooo "deeply introverted" she has to lie bc she hates small talk. Someone doing her hair asked her if she's a boy mom because "she looks like a boy mom." And she said she had 3 boys.

  27. That one really sent me over the edge (hence the flair 😂). Imagine genuinely claiming to be a introvert when in reality you’re just a huge pathological liar 🤯

  28. God the parachute emoji slide is SO ANNOYING to me and I hate that I’ve let myself feel so petty about something so irrelevant 😂 it’s just like the ultimate stop trying to make fetch happen moment for me

  29. Anyone else follow mama knows nutrition? I just cannot with the MIL ‘skits’. The message itself isn’t bad it’s just SO cringe with the “acting” and it’s like her big schtick that she loves, like the MIL skits are HER thing. I just feel like she needs a friend to tell her it’s a no lol

  30. I like them 🙈 but it's probably because the script sounds exactly like what my MIL says to me.

  31. I think the scripts/content are actually okay and somewhat helpful. Her delivery is just 🥴 like worst acting award goes to her 100%

  32. I think it’s really great that Mikaela from raising little goose supports so many small businesses and shows us every time she buys something pricey for her kid, but maybe she could put all that money towards the down payment on her school instead of asking other people for money? Just a thought 😂

  33. YES PREACH 💯 I don’t see how more ppl don’t see through that and her whole pity party go fund me

  34. Idk who needs to hear this, but you’re still a good mom if you never have/don’t plan to feed your kid straight bone marrow 🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Oh hey K’s forgotten dog that isn’t Taco! One day maybe you’ll be interesting enough for us to learn your name. For D’s dog, why does the husband announce the puking? Clean it up and let your wife “work”. But also, maybe film another story that doesn’t have that line? But no, then what would there be to complain about.

  36. 😂 this has me wanting to change my flair to “Dry Bar Samantha”

  37. Did K set up a camera while baby was crying to film herself walking w him?! I can’t.

  38. Narcissism level 10 🤯 it’s like the bae caught me slippin pics times a million, i will never understand.

  39. @raisinglittlegoose used to be enjoyable but she’s another BEC for me due to all the school content (showing kids other than her own) and now the fundraising for a business 😅

  40. A go fund me to literally buy a HOUSE like that’s her only option did her in for me. I was always borderline on her but my eyes rolled out of my head when I saw that

  41. Same! I was honestly surprised that she got so much snark on here. Her stories are some of my faves to watch

  42. The whole “remember you can tell your kid you need a minute and then give them the focus after the minute” on stories when they said they neverrrrr work when their kids are around.

  43. Just to recap…K is the fun, messy play mom that ALSO does not like crafts (bc they’re….fun and messy??) Got it 👌🏻

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