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  1. You're unfunny and gross, stop it. Nobody asked for you to act like a unhinged pervert that takes upskirt shots and pass it off as a joke when you're just showing us your creepy fetish or whatever. Why can't this community be normal and not make look itself look like a bunch of fucking gross perverts ffs.

  2. Just click on my profile and block me. I'm not stopping just because some pixelated ass scares you.

  3. Because it's funny to see the meltdown of some people over some pics of fictional characters ass.

  4. For everyone asking why Colei, the game asked me to use a dendro character and I had to choose between her and Nahida so...

  5. Kinda reminds me of the Creepy Ugly Guy image

  6. People who indulge in pedophilic tendencies do tend to abuse children, yes. If you're into kiddie p*rn, cartoon or otherwise, you're fucked, end of story.

  7. I agree. But what has that have to do with this post?

  8. I don't see it like that tho, just a meme... Maybe you're the fucked up one?

  9. I was wondering if others saw that. Everyone is talking about Mona’s ass

  10. My highlights this week were definitely Do It Yourself and Bocchi The Rock. Both shows seemed like everyone involved really gave a shit and then some and had heaps of heart and character to them. Especially Do It Yourself is just a treat visually and I love the low key futuristic setting while Bocchi had this wildly creative presentation throughout. Both are also animated beautifully with so much character being expressed just through motion and expressions alone.

  11. You literally listed the only animes that I'm watching this season and I'm really happy with my picks so far.

  12. none of that answers my questions and none of it helps me solve your issue.

  13. I'm playing Genshin Impact at 4K with fps unlocked. I can hit 120fps easily on some areas but other that are more NPC heavy are getting a massive dip. This shows my CPU usage on one of those areas:

  14. that’s a cpu intensive game, and it looks like you’re maxing the 3700x out. an upgrade would be beneficial to you. maybe a 5700x or 5800x, unless you want to go all out with a 5800x3d.

  15. Thanks. I've been recommended the the 5800x3d but I'm still wondering if the price is worth the upgrade. Maybe I'll wait for a discounted price.

  16. Yes a cpu with better single core performance will help,

  17. That's what I thought... Any recommendation?

  18. Latest and best cpu you can afford,

  19. humm, I don't really know much about the new cpu's. I don't really want to do more than 400$ but if it's worth to go to 500$ sure.

  20. The first 4 is literally my main team.

  21. You're seriously taking seriously the opinion of someone who doesn't eat Pizza Crust?

  22. There's an epilogue? Guess I just spoiled myself...

  23. Who cares? You know what's more annoying than shippers? People like you who find the need to justify a ship not being canon.

  24. Só aether x literally everyone is fine but if you post some controversial ship everyone jumps on the comments to say "they're just friends"..

  25. This was already posted a few hours ago already + your title is cringe.

  26. Lol yeah. Tried to defy the weeb community as just a normal gamer. Should've known better. Love the game. Can do without jiggle physics and looking at cartoon ass. To each their own I guess.

  27. You guess? The dude was just appreciating some anime ass and you're the one coming here to try to stop him? Just enjoy the game the way you want and let others do it too.

  28. Play the game. Don't be weird. Post this stuff on an nsfw page rather than the game's main sub

  29. Lmao at all the people in the comments getting offended... Go touch some grass, it's just a video game character.

  30. Absolutely useless if they don't also implement dlss.

  31. Oh damn I didn't know that, that's exciting then.

  32. If you hate content like this, just please stop playing gatcha games. Both sides would benefit from it. Normal people can just enjoy jokes like this, and the toxic part will get cut off and return to their echochamber on twitter

  33. Same thing with shipping but apparently everyone's ok with hating on them...

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