1. Yeah- ngl I’m low key a lil hurt that OP assumes everyone is offended by being described as wide or fleshy…… like just bc OP doesn’t like their arms- doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love my fleshy arms. I’m SD and hold weight in the backs of my arms and hips mainly and I think I look absolutely fab.

  2. Instead of british princess you could go to a north-american wasp kind of deal. Think 60 year old rich lady obsessed with fine china, the DAR and reputations (yes emily gilmore)

  3. OP just be careful if you work out. People in here tend to put any muscular girl in the N family. I'm not saying you are not SN, but I would look at R and even SC since you have softness and a moderate vertical line.

  4. I'd love to lock rural Quebec in a room with rural Alberta until they all realize they're all fucking identical.

  5. I want a reality show where they switch a family from rural Quebec with one from rural Alberta.

  6. She is like the most D and the most winter of all. A very intense combinaison!

  7. I agree with the other comment. I think all these look good on you, but I prefer the softer (but still constructed) looks.

  8. No joke I was really literally the exact same outfit as bottom left the other day! I love how DC can play with a mix of tight clothes + oversized clothes as long it has some structure in it.

  9. I did the same thing and regretted it. Every online test I've done over the years has said I'm TR and being new to this side of reddit, I decided to get real people feedback on it.. biggest mistake. I had no idea there was backlash on specific types, TR especially, and not only did I not get any helpful feedback, but I left feeling like somehow I was the jerk for asking if i truly was TR. Why is there weird energy and stereotypes on here around specific ones when there are gorgeous celebrities in every version?

  10. I think people give a hard time on self typed TR because TR is the "type" all newbies say they are (including me a year ago lol). But yeah sometimes people are quick to judge.

  11. i find it really hard to wear high rise jeans, i'd lean towards the 501s. i have a pet theory that if you can pull off high rise, it might mean you aren't a DC. happy to see evidence to the contrary

  12. Damn I love high rise jeans and I am also pretty confident of my ID 😂 May I ask you why you think high rise doesb't match DC ?

  13. Another trend I noticed is that people in those celebs/influencer posts would list of all the characteristics of a D but then type them as DC just because they're 5'4".

  14. Is just me or now people think that DC = vertical dom ??? Like someone ask for help and they would answer "D or DC because of your vertical line". Ok I know DC can have a moderate vertical, but the point is it's NOT supposed to be the first thing you notice ?? DC is a classic, which means balanced, nothing stands out.

  15. I don't hate carpet but I HATE when they add it on a perfectly, amazing, beautiful hardwood floor. These people should not have the right to exist.

  16. Not anymore! But back in the 90s, let's say people did not have the best ideas. I have been in a hotel built in the 90s (some rooms were never renovated), and one of the suite, in the basement, had a hot tub in the middle of a carpeted room. And yes, the room smelled like a mycology lab.

  17. As someone mentioned geometrics are more "DC" but I think it could look amazing on a SC with the right items!

  18. When they eradicated typing posts only to have dozens of “what type is X obscure celebrity that no one else cares about but me” posts fill the void.

  19. And they unsurprisingly are all semi-famous IG models with all the same bodyshape lol.

  20. Aw they look so good! was hoping for a FN set.

  21. As a DC who used to think I was a SN I feel this! But no you can't be "in between". What they both have in common is a moderate vertical line, which you have. SN has width but DC can also have a but of width. None of them are extreme yin or yang. So what makes them so different ?

  22. I don't know your type but from what I see in your pictures I would not rule out SC so quickly! SC can also be hourglass (who said they can't? O.o). The difference is that hourglass figure on SC/R is usually created by the flesh (like Marilyn) and not the bone structure/frame (like Kim Kardashian).

  23. As someone said, I'd love to see the philosophy of this system goes more mainstream (aka every body is equally beautiful and heres how to make it shines). I'm tired of the fruit system where it's about "correcting" our body.

  24. Now there is just “what type is this celebrity?????”

  25. Yup and I noticed a lot of them are doing this because they (according to what they say lmao) look SO MUCH like the celebrity in the post. And most of the time the celebrity is some 5'9+ semi-famous ig model. Sometimes I just to bs them and tell them she is pure R just to mess with them 😈

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