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  1. UFO stacks and puts away a variety people and objects to get there paycheck

  2. looks like you got 10 dollars to spend. I guess mk11 is on sale for $9.99. you'll need some more money because of tax

  3. For those confused, just look up “double slit experiment.” It’s pretty wild stuff

  4. While light is monitored it does funky crap

  5. My little fucker runs all over the place and knocks stuff off counters

  6. I really like the panchaku but the pure nail is just fun to use.

  7. That's what I get for playing risk of rain

  8. I've always loved megamind's carecter design

  9. I've always loved megamind's carecter design

  10. I was so upset I had to replay it 9 times just to relive the anger!

  11. I also hate it when people piss in my drink

  12. where is this corner of the internet anyways?

  13. Lasagna is pretty good but it takes a lot of work to make a shat ton of it. Stick some turkey in brine, season and stuff that mf, stick it in the oven and you are good to go.

  14. I don't want Nintendo to release a 5 hour game cause you know they still are gunna sell that mf for $50

  15. kpop sucks and not because of the music but because of many of the fan bases

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