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"Positively Dystopian": Federal Judge Blocks Florida Stop WOKE Act

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  1. Unfortunately, no. A certain large healthcare organization requires all supervisors and higher to be "an active member of a christian church". Private businesses are allowed to set that kind of requirement.

  2. So no such thing as religious discrimination there? How quaint... And by that I mean backwards...

  3. You're not getting that job if you answer no on that question. I can't imagine you're missing out on much though

  4. I feel like if that opens them up to be sued for discrimination, no?

  5. I was in interview 3 weeks ago and they ask me for online test with .net core 3. Oh my god what are shit it was. I end it like 5/20 right answers, but half of questions was piece of shit quality and have multiple half right answers when you can select only one.

  6. I wonder if they'd have any practice online questions like this. It sounds so bad, I kind of want to give it a shot.

  7. At first I was being picky looking for a job like delivery driver, postman or IT consultant but with 35 cents left in my bank account, I'm so hungry I'll take any job.

  8. Absolutely do this all the time. Who uses it? How many users daily for last three months? Nobody knows? Fucking break the login authentication and wait. If nobody complains then DECOM it and save the money.

  9. hey, totally unrelated but... I know what inshallah means, but what's aameen in this context?

  10. Kind of like Amen in Christianity. It's kind of a way of agreeing and participating in a prayer. Eg:

  11. True. I feel like we use it slightly differently but tbh that might just be cultural differences.

  12. Itt not a single person who understands evolution nor can wrap their mind around 3.7 Billion years of life.

  13. You're thinking way way to much about this. You keep trying to come up with examples that are more complex so that you can justify abstracting away a simple check on an integer being even or not.

  14. You are a new developer coming into a codebase. Given this: n % 2 === 0

  15. This article isn't about Trudeau

  16. Channing Tatum (looks very nondescript) and Daniel Craig (it’s definitely the lips). Generic square shaped while males don’t do anything for me, as a straight white female.

  17. I was surprised to see Daniel Craig so far down the list. Not so surprised to see him paired in the same comment as Channing.

  18. His features almost seem to small for his head. It is unusually wide.

  19. That's not the product. The product like YouTube is the users. That is what you are selling to advertisers and anyone else interested in their data. And like YouTube you need a large engaged userbase who's eyeballs you sell to advertisers and marketers.

  20. I'd say that's the difference between the classical product and the potential product. What you're saying isn't wrong, it's just different from the point I'm making which is there's way to make a lot of money indirectly which is to use it as a megaphone.

  21. He killed 1200 services. Turns out one was needed. What’s your success rate?

  22. No. It turns out one of those was critical and would get any employee fired if they had blindly made that call. The lack of the other services are probably causing all sorts of failures which are difficult to detect until they are needed.

  23. Nah, using brakes would be a better analogy. Car seems to run fine until a critical moment, at which point there is a crash with potentially irreversible consequences. Seems like shit like this would compromise security and leave Twitter vulnerable. Would be a shame if hackers took advantage of a vulnerable moment and stole any of the massive amount of data Twitter has.

  24. I used ignition as an analogy because it's one of the first things you'd notice when trying to drive a car, and this was the first big issue they found related to killing the 1200 services.

  25. Why would an all powerful being become human to forgive other humans for the sins that he will judge other people on?

  26. Do we really need to be sharing videos which end with edited "reactions" to tell us we should be laughing.

  27. like a group of children snickering that they found a loophole to say the "F word" 🤫🤭🤭🤭

  28. I think the offensive part is that I'm not wrong. People don't adopt English because they are forced to. People don't adopt English because of bigger English signs. Half these language policing measures are purely reflections of insecurity. They don't help the adoption of the French language, they hurt it. It's just too painful a truth for those pushing these kinds of measures to swallow, but sadly they will always be insecure until they realize it.

  29. Go anywhere in Quebec and say with broken French "bonjour, je ne parle pas bien français mais j'essaie" I guarantee you that the people talking to you will do their best to be understood even if they have to speak the worst broken English you will ever hear.

  30. When people bring up bigots, I think people don't see the difference between outright racism and the other subtle racism people actually encounter. At best, "je ne parle pas bien français mais j'essaie" puts you in the let "I'm going to feign enthusiasm and give you a pat on the back for trying" bucket. Most of the time you end up in the "I'm tolerating you (aka being patient) but I need to get on with my own shit" bucket and a lot of time that ends up becoming the "I don't have the time for this shit bucket". It's only if you know someone long enough do they switch you over to the "you're a real person" bucket. In the interim, it's hard to be taken seriously.

  31. No sure to get your question, during a specific moment in the timelpase ?

  32. yeah at 7.5 seconds in the video, a bunch of stars brighten and then you reverse the video.

  33. Ah yes it becomes brighter because at the end of the timelpase a little mist appeared ;)

  34. So you're not a rogue one fanboy? I was starting to think it's just those people that claim rogue one is on par with empire saying how great it is. I've managed to finish episode one after two separate sittings.

  35. IMO there's too much that people take for granted for there to be an unbiased answer to this question.

  36. People saying it was worse in water are wrong, the shockwave was going through the air and for it to transfer from air to water would significantly dampen the impact, probably not very fun experience but saved his ears and potentially other health risks. Now if it came from the water and he went into the water he’d be fucking dead

  37. I'll only watch if they hold it at four seasons landscaping again. Fyi, that little documentary on it is funny as fuck. Like the people who own it literally thought it was a prank, and they were like "yeah, sure, you can have a press conference here, why not?".

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