1. It took that long?! What difficulty you playing on? If you day gmgow then yeah that makes sense

  2. 30 minutes a day doesn’t count as playing this game, I’ve finally unlocked gna from patch 3.00 and just spent 3 hours in it

  3. Have you updated the 3.00 patch? I’ve been on the same page licked from Gna or the final trials. Gna was free yesterday but not sure if I can go back to the final trials

  4. Ahahah locked 🤣could edit it but just gonna leave for prosperity

  5. My challenges are all blocked also gna, but for me and some others here on this sub is a glitch

  6. Usually I get the armours back from the dwarfs shops, it just says craftable

  7. I’m at the same place, did the bug report on their website and I’m waiting for that patch. It’s annoying since gna is my 1% missing to plat

  8. It’s a thing, gna and the big crucible are also locked for me. I’ve reported to Santa Monica on their website, I would suggest everyone who encountered this to do the same so they can patch it quickly cause I’m only missing gna for the plat

  9. Yes and have no idea how to get it back, tried completing all the challenges orders to unlock the finals but nothing happens. Also can’t access the area where

  10. Have you beat the game yet? You can’t get over there until after the main story is complete

  11. Does anyone know why my final challenges are blocked and can’t get to gna anymore?

  12. Well done brother☠️💪 let’s just wait to see that plat7 solo run in a while now

  13. There’s no way you can one shot oni brutes or spearman even if you’re using the crit hit from the techniques. With max sad you can one shot oni archers and if you’re using critical hit you can oneshot tengu but unfortunately that’s it buddy

  14. Good one boyz! Well done👏👏👏 as an assassin main I salute you☠️

  15. Shame on you for that wotf cancellation 🤣🤣🤣🤣 gotta do it again bro and careful not to go assasin and using that cancel on the assassin vanish when you use kunai🤣

  16. I would swap the stats on katana to melee and oni damage to boost the poison damage and swap the ones on charm to toxic radius above 85% and status damage or oni damage. And the ones that Afox just mentioned

  17. Blow guns are better for resolve even more now with the nerf of the bpb resolve to zero and better to focus targets, with a full status damage and duration build I can get a tengu down with just 2 darts headshots.. but I’ve come from a bomb pack assasin because before iki expansion you had to choose between fast assassinations or poison inflicted damage, ever since that update/buff to the assassin I’ve never went back to bombs again cause you get a better feeling of an assassin experience. If you’re not using stealth damage and poison damage bombs are the way, get status damage + fire master for those bombs and you’re good to go💪

  18. Since I’m one of those idiots assassins who will drop my own smoke to protect my hunter teammates and just go for the toxic vanish near enemies I’ll always love a good synergy between 2 sins and 2 hunters, but as someone mentioned here 4 people with eyeballs and I’ll add some respect and understanding of the gameplay between the classes might be the best configuration of a team

  19. Don’t let yourself down for this! Is it hard? Yes! Is it really hard? Not really…imo the thing you need to beat this mode is patience, communication and teamwork…coordinate your smokes, don’t take risks, don’t get too frustrated if you don’t do it the first few times with your team… get yourself a build and a strategy that doesn’t involve depending on some ronin to heal you, be cautious! Play your best class ( if it’s samurai be extra careful)…no need to go ronin just because everyone needs heals if you can’t handle it…

  20. Either that or forward, but yes. It’s harder than you would expect, I still can’t dodge all of those attacks…

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