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  1. I have a weird question to ask but here’s it goes. I’m new to espresso making and want to know if the bubble-guts ever goes away or did I get screwed on genetics LOL

  2. I am new to espresso’s as my daily source of caffeine, yes. Prior to this I was drinking energy drinks daily and espresso making was my way of weaning off that stuff completely. I do always take espresso on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning usually. Thank you for the response.

  3. Fuji is the most aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. Canon is slightly on the yellow side even though it looks more natural. Sony is by far the worst, too much blue and skin tone looks dead.

  4. I’m thinking of selling my Sony gear and going full Fuji as well but concerned about autofocus. What’s your experience been like with the XH2 coming from Canon? I have a X100V right now and it’s not as accurate in low light.

  5. Fuji has one designed for the Xt-30 but it’s pricey. I wanted one with a wood grip so I went with

  6. I’m back and forth between an xt4 or xt30ii. I like to do street/outdoor photography and I spen a lot of time near water. I like the form factor of the 30 but the added features like weather resistance in the 4 is making it a hard choice. I also like the video capability in the xt4 but I don’t want to lug a big camera around my neck like I already do. I’ve been leaning more towards the 4 but I’m wondering if anyone can help me make the choice clearer.

  7. I read an article the other day and the author said his hobby “is collecting hobbies” and that was the most painfully accurate description I’ve ever heard.

  8. I was going to ask how you managed to get the lovely 35mm f/1.4 hood on the f/2 but this explains it! Last picture is delicious by the way. Really good

  9. Would you be able to use a hood on top of that?

  10. No you can’t use a hood with it which is why I decided against it. The only real benefit with this filter is you don’t need an adapter ring to install and the original x100v lens cap fits on it.

  11. gotcha, should I just not put one in? Y'all got me concerned now lol

  12. Just get a low profile shutter button and you’ll be fine. The issue is with the taller shutter buttons that stick out a lot and can easily get bumped or knocked.

  13. I did something similar years ago when shopping for an omega Speedmaster. Ended up getting an incredible deal on what turned out to be a ladies moon watch lol.

  14. The company is called Squarehood - this is their mark 5 hood.

  15. Thanks for replying. After creating this post I realized it’s the “model” V hood and not “mark V” but was too late to edit the title lol.

  16. It basically means the same thing anyway so it doesn’t really matter 🤷‍♂️

  17. Typically “mark” refers to a new version or iteration of something whereas “model” is a completely different product in the lineup.

  18. Nice pics! We’re you using any film sims for these pics?

  19. Damn. I really want a X100V now which is extra stupid because I already have an X-E4 with XF27mm.

  20. I got lucky and bought one yesterday from a local shop, which was extra stupid because I just bought a xt30ii last month.

  21. wasn't xt-30 good enough? I am looking on it...

  22. Honestly yes it is. So far I’m not seeing any major differences compared to the xt30ii aside from the built in ND, but I’ve only had it for a day so we’ll see. The store just had one in stock and said they wouldn’t be getting any more so I felt compelled to get it.

  23. Would you elaborate, I am considering A7iii, with Samyang 18 f/2.8, 35 f/1.8 & 75 f/1.8 & Tamron 70-300 or else X-T4 with Samyang 12f2, Viltrox 23 & 56 & Xf 70 300 for travel Photography. Can you help me decide

  24. I still own a Sony body (a7iv) and recently purchased a couple Fuji cams. What specific questions do you have?

  25. Regarding ergonomics, performance & are Fuji colors really that good or better than Sony, I am recently fed up of post processing just want to shoot in JPEGs only, for travelling.

  26. If you have budget for an A7III I would consider the new XT5 instead of the XT4. It has the latest technology and in a more compact size than the XT4.

  27. It is already discontinued in japan, along with x-t30II. Line up right now is; X-T5 , X-H2 , X-H2s , X-Pro3 , X-S10

  28. What about the x100v? Has it been discontinued?

  29. Oh yeah sorry about that. It is still in the line up but no stock no be found🥲

  30. Ahh got it. Curious why they discontinued the xt30ii, I just bought one not long ago. Maybe they want to force people towards the more expensive xpro3?

  31. I recently-ish upgraded from the Xt3 to the H2S and it's fantastic.

  32. Was just watching some guy on YouTube who is the photographer for a baseball team, and he uses an xpro3 and a long lens. Sometimes an x100v but that's more for behind the scenes stuff

  33. Thanks for that, I’ll check his channel out. I’m assuming he uses a tripod with the xpro3 and zoom or he has surgeon hands!

  34. Nice! I just picked up a xt30 not long ago and love it. Highly recommend the Fuji 23 & 35mm f2 for this cam if you don’t have them already.

  35. I just picked up a xt30ii as my first Fuji cam and it’s totally underrated IMO. Same sensor and general size as the x100v except with interchangeable lens. Such a fun little camera.

  36. I went to a local store a few weekends ago because they had a x100v in stock, but decided against buying because they were asking $1900 USD (~$500 above retail)! Ended up picking up a xt30ii, 35mm f2, and 23mm f1.4 for the same price. I still want a x100 someday but I won’t pay over retail for it.

  37. I ordered this lens and it’s being picked up today! Very excited.

  38. I’m currently a Sony user as well (A7S3 & A7IV) and recently picked up a Fuji (XT30ii) mainly as a fun walk-around cam thats super portable and didn’t require post processing. IMO if you go with the XH2/S you might as well use your Sony since they’re similar in size. My personal opinion is that you go with something a little more portable like the new XT5. Or even go smaller like the xt30ii or x100v (fixed lens). If you plan on staying with Sony then it’s nice to have two completely different camera bodies.

  39. That's good advice thank you! I was thinking the uh2s or uh2 because it was close to what I use. I plan on using the Fuji just for me and my personal projects. What you said makes total sense though. I will definitely research into these cameras. Thanks for your advice!

  40. I’m using my Fuji for the exact same reason; fun, personal projects and it totally fills that need. I know what you mean though in wanting something you’re “familiar” with. In that case I would also look into the X-S10 which is similar to Sony in that it has things like IBIS and the typical PASM selection wheel. I wanted to have a completely different experience which is why I went with the xt30ii since it doesn’t have IBIS or PASM.

  41. I bought this last month and it’s been solid so far. I highly recommend getting a scale though if you don’t have one already. Depending on the type of coffee, freshness, etc the auto dose can range between 16-20g.

  42. Difference between the worker and your wife is that your wife knows you are an idiot

  43. I’m pretty sure the worker knows that by now

  44. I would highly recommend looking into the xt30ii. I was in a similar boat not long ago having come from the Sony ecosystem and everyone was recommending the xpro3 or the x100v. After doing some comparisons though the xt30ii has the same sensor as both, is about the same size as the x100v, but half the cost of the xpro3 and just under the cost of a x100v if you factor in a similar lens. The only thing it doesn’t have compared to the two is built-in ND (x100v) and weather-sealing (both).

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