1. Y'all created him. Consequences of those actions lay at America's feet

  2. And the US illegally annexed Hawaii. We are very much alike.

  3. Prime whataboutism. That happened over 100 years ago.

  4. It won’t be approved for that very reason, sadly

  5. Fuck the rules, let them in. The end result is gonna be all the same eventually anyway.

  6. If Russia keeps this up that mentality might become a real thing. Ukrainians are going to hate Russia for centuries after this is all over.

  7. It’s definitely been there for a long time, for sure.

  8. Didn’t he say the Kharkiv offensive was also the Battle of the Bulge?

  9. What if the vatniks remained in Lyman to lead Ukrainians there so that Russia can quickly nuke it while they're there? Too credible? It gives sense to why they remained in Lyman despite clearly being unable to defend it, but hopefully Putin didn't think about it that much.

  10. Maybe Russian commanders are just poor tacticians

  11. Non-credibility aside….if they do this we are at war with Russia for the first time in our history.

  12. During and after ww2 pow's were treated like shit in soviet camps. And in american camps the most they did was farmer labor and were treated very nicely. They even got to wach films and in exchange they gave up info and other stuf like that. So Swedish prisons.

  13. They even let them have jobs and go about freely through towns in the US in some cases

  14. why would the Turks hate them? They conquered the Byzantines

  15. Seven years after the Battle of Zama saw Roman power finally destroy Carthage in the second Punic War, Hannibal Barca, the great terror of Rome, went into voluntary exile after the Romans requested his surrender, seeing Carthaginian power growing again under his leadership. Travelling the Mediterranean in 193 BC he ended up at the court of Antiochus III preparing for war with Rome and offered his help in his war

  16. Strangely enough Benjamin Netanyahu’s brother was the only commando killed in this raid

  17. Kentucky’ll take Cincinnati, it’s basically Kentucky land already

  18. Rightfully Kentuckian under the eyes of God and men

  19. Can someone tell me the name of this show ?

  20. After Eisenhower left office he wrote in his book that his biggest mistake was going against Americas closest allies and regrets his decision on the Suez Canal. This is all because the US got played like a fiddle by Egypt. US thought if they backed Egypt and not its allies then they can persuade Egypt to be on the US side instead of the Soviet Union side. But the US didn't know Egypt had already picked the Soviet Side and got the the USA to oppose its own allies and made the USA look like fools.

  21. Surely a handful of his oligarchs are going to “no u” him before long, right?

  22. Lenin: “Well guys I’m about to definitely die. Whatever happens just make sure that quiet psychopath Stalin doesn’t rule in my departure”

  23. Honestly what did Stalin have to gain from having Trotsky killed

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