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  1. damn. Sunk the ship you were working on just to kill the captain. Cheers

  2. I have the alpha from kickstarter. It’s just OK right now in my opinion.

  3. Does it have anything like skull cavern or the mines in it or are you bound from saying by NDA?

  4. There is an NDA, but if you look on the original kickstarter page there’s tons of little clues and stuff. 😌

  5. Have moved on to Izze brand drinks. The new Coke Zero formula is bad. Really, really bad.

  6. Funny you mention them, I love them! I can’t drink them like I did the coke, but I love the Clementine (sp?) flavor. I treat them almost like wine/treat because they’re so bubbly.

  7. Loved your original post on the subject. It reflects my thoughts and opinions perfectly.

  8. Thank you!! I’ve moved on but it’s still a wound. I’ve found diet dr.pepper to be decent, not the zero the actual diet. Drinking more water than before too. :)

  9. To be honest, I like this. When we moved into the place we live now there was no door on the bathroom in the main bedroom. (It had been broken) and we have never fixed it and I've honestly grown very used to it. I think that I would enjoy this if it was to be made cozier. The all white makes it feel a little cold and almost asylum like.

  10. Do you play any other EA games? Highly possible they banned you for something else or your account got hacked. I was actually cheating on Apex but they still didn’t ban my entire account, just my apex stuff.

  11. oh my god…. i’ve…… ive been voting based on colors. Gold = best….. which means i’ve rated everything backwards.

  12. I am 100% with you in this. As an Appalachian I grow tired of poor people being the butt of so many jokes. And sometimes it’s not even poor people-just people that choose to live simply. These kind of light hearted jokes quickly turn into something harmful.

  13. I agree. I hate the term 'Trailer Trash'. I live in Alabama and I love my area, and the people in it! Its not so funny when you see poverty up close. I choose to live here. I would love a southern/trailer pack that actually brought some things in my life to the table, but not a 'Trailer Trash' pack like everyone seems to want.

  14. I'd love to hear about what you like about your neighbourhood and state. I'm not from the US but really interested in the culture

  15. I love alabama, truly. It hurts me when I see people diminish us to what they think alabama is about based on what they see on TV. While Alabama isn’t perfect, no place is. Truly, alabama probably isn’t special in any regard, but it’s home. Everyone has a fondness for what they feel like is their home. I live in a small area, but close to a major university. I’ve never enjoyed sports at all, but I always loved how excited people in my area get about football. You can truly understand the passion people have here about it only football, but anything that brings them happiness. There are many places in the united states where there is almost a workaholic culture, and while people in Alabama are nearly all extremely hard-working, they work hard and okay hard too. Work life balance is really amazing in Alabama and there are jobs in every field. We aren’t just backwoods. I’m a software engineer, and one of our major cities is a bustling tech hub with a space and rocket center. Thankfully, I’m even able to find jobs in my field even in my little town. Where I live i’m surrounded by woods and trees, and I live near a lake. The houses on the lake you’d think you were looking at mega homes on house hunters or something, but instead of millionaires living in them it’s normal families. Everyone is extremely nice for the most part, and I can’t complain. Just a couple weeks ago my front porch had a dry-rot leg and collapsed, I didn’t know what to do. I walked next door and ask my neighbors if they knew someone I could call since they recently did work on their trailer. They drove a damn tractor over to my house and built and fixed my entire porch in less than a couple hours, and asked for nothing in return. *(I tried to pay them, they wouldn’t accept.) * The people are not only what make Alabama great, but I love the entire sub-culture of activities that I associate with my home, but these really apply to any of the southeast I think. Rodeos, mud riding, college football, lake parties, jumping off old abandoned bridges lmao. It’s the things that make small towns iconic to those who live there, like the old water tower that never gets torn down, but refurbished and taken care of because it’s a part of our history. The western store that no one know how it stays in business because there’s never any cars there. The “worlds largest fireworks stand” lol. The old grocery store kept alive by citizens even though it’s right next to a walmart. While alabama has its faults, it has its beauty too. The only thing I would change about it is it’s political leanings, but most of the time politics don’t even come up in conversation here.

  16. This is great!! You should do fream too! You could use her vtube avi as inspo.

  17. As someone that knows pretty much nothing about Twilight and has only seen that bonkers ending battle where they all kill eachother...I've gotta say, the whole breathing to smell thing is kinda smart.

  18. Edward specifically says that he does in fact always breathe out of habit, so at least 1 vampire in twilight does breathe for their own sake and not for just pretending. I don’t remember if he said it in the movie but he definitely did in the books. He said it’s weird to not smell anything at all. Others might not.

  19. Yeah, how is Edward supposed to sigh and be moody without breathing? Haha.

  20. Yes exactly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the meta reason lol!!

  21. I think its beautiful! It makes me feel like I'm arriving back home after a long trip. I honestly like the dude standing in there lol, it looks almost like a modern decoration.

  22. This is nice, It feels like it could be a cover for something like Good Omens! I like it! :)

  23. The only drawbacks to this strategy have to do with social issues, not education. Since your freshman year was at CC, you won't have those intense friendships at whatever school you end up transferring to. No fraternity nonsense. No dorm memories.

  24. This also depends, I met some great friends at CC who were planning the same thing as me and we transferred together at the same time to the same school! It always depends.

  25. 13" + standalone monitor. Plenty of screen at home, easy to use on-the-go

  26. 80% of devs I know have adhd. It attracts us for some reason. Nothing is going to hold your attention 100% of the time, sometimes work/study is great sometimes not. My passion is paying my bills.

  27. Depending on where you live, there is such a thing as common law marriage. Different states have different criteria for it so you’d have to check on it but could be worth looking into, i’m not sure if it would help. Sorry for everything! 😢

  28. I would just go with a bare bones style library or something. As far as what they want, i’ve never had a take home assignment so I can’t say but that’s what I would do.

  29. Hi. As a girl from alabama with the same problem, in my experience we just suffer forever 🥶

  30. Nice lol. If I ever make it to the dessert i’ll send you one too! 💖

  31. 24yr with stuffed animals. Also in a relationship for 8yrs. We don’t think it’s weird. I have two that I sleep with each night. I’ve always slept with stuffed animals so why would I stop? They’re basically a little pillow, I like to have something to hold and they make me happy.

  32. That’s how I feel. Ive been sleeping with my stuffed dog since I was eight. Sometimes I think I should “get over it,” but I don’t want to! I’m not obsessed with it or overly attached or anything, I just like the feeling of something in the crook of my arm, and without it I feel like something is missing.

  33. IMO, if someone had a problem with the stuffed animal, that’s a good litmus test for we probably don’t have a compatible personality because, why would the stuffed animal matter? It doesn’t hurt anyone!

  34. I don’t think country music is really overly saturated with songs about this, no more so than other genres. I could probably name more songs about alcohol in other genres than I could in country, but it could be what i’m listening too. I think it’s just a stereotype to be honest.

  35. It could be coding left over from meteorites events to make sure mona is looking at fischl when she’s in the scenes

  36. Reading your post reminded me so much of the movie Horse Girl on netflix, which also reminds me of so many abduction stories. I really liked the movie, but if you don’t want to watch here is a synopsis. It’s basically a reflection of mental illness and how it could lead to many abduction stories we see and hear about. (Not saying that always happens)

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