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  1. I want to commission you to do this of my two fur babies!!

  2. Same! So now I save them. I have 17 which is kind of fun because you can only buy two at a time before they are ‘sold out’

  3. So true! I always wait till the food is empty and the yard is empty before I remodel anything to spare myself the guilt haha

  4. They are my constant even when the world is crazy. I love my cats!

  5. I think of the orphan from Annie named Pepper, I also babysit a little girl named Pepper so I lean towards girl.

  6. If you let him chill he will leave you more than enough fish for several more bowls!

  7. Yes! Don’t refill the food while he is still chilling. He will only leave like 1 fish if you do. You’ll get your money’s worth of you wait it out :)

  8. The name Ginger just makes me think of the show “As Told by Ginger” so I think of a girl

  9. I personally LOVE the cafe. It’s my favorite remodel.

  10. For me, part of the fun of the game was the waiting. It takes time, but that’s why I love it.

  11. Once you’ve bought everything the game is essentially over, so I suggest to make the most of it without actual cash!

  12. Ngl I didn’t include this because I thought I’d lose some people but I’ve pissed between my girlfriends legs before when I really had to go lmao

  13. Hahaha! I feel like you could have gone in the shower or sink. The splash back on her legs couldn’t have been nice.

  14. My dad was both allergic to cats and a racist. I own two cats now.

  15. Wow, how long have you been playing? I started around two weeks ago, but I still haven't gotten any of the gold fish foods aside from some Ritzy Bitz from daily passwords.

  16. About 2 years! But I have only been saving them for about a year.

  17. You need to hit different goals in the game! Like have different cats visit visit a certain amount of time ect..

  18. Wow, I just went on a diff computer to see if I’m just unlucky, (22 visits) and i guess I’ll just have to wait a really, really REALLY long time…

  19. She was my very last memento and the most visits. Very worth the wait though! But I feel you.

  20. She is the only cat left I’m waiting on!! I’ve been playing for a year and she has visited 37 times. Still waiting…

  21. I won't say exactly which ones those are in case someone is trying to keep it a surprise, but all the wallpapers and how to unlock them can be found

  22. From what I know about losing an old device with your game data… it seems like the history doesn’t save or transfer. So I highly doubt it would from transfer form device to device. But that’s purely speculation. Good luck!!

  23. Omg I’m obsessed!!! 🤩 Anyone know if the game still sells merch like this?

  24. They have some fun stuff on Amazon! I have a mug and a tote bag.

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