1. Looking back on this, I realize that most of the people who liked this post were unfortunately transphobes :(

  2. I have. I put all my armor and inventory in a chest and used beds to mine for netherite and set up a respawn anchor nearby

  3. Because you are living the pinnacle of civilization. Being trans right now is first class citizenship .

  4. Yea that’s why I get yelled slurs and isn’t respected by barely any of my peers and teachers

  5. Yesh!!! I’m bi! Tbh I feel like American schools are stricter about their dress codes

  6. My parents used to work/live there! I don’t forgive them for moving to where we live now

  7. That animal thingy on the third picture is so cute 🥺

  8. Tell them that they did a good job 😊👍

  9. I do plan on keeping it because my family would disown me if I get an abortion

  10. Comedians walk around with mics on in case they say something funny, so they can use it later. Totally canonical.

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