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  1. That someone is automatically worse/bad because of their sexuality or gender identity

  2. same but it’s better than sparkling water so …

  3. normal water solos most bev’s , but sparkling water is nasty asl , so is tonic. i can just put up with the taste of tonic

  4. You’re 16, you’re still a child that’s been indoctrinated by reddit freak shows and internet culture thats normalised dressing like a little sissy, there is nothing cool or proud in being some other guys play toy/cum dumpster, where is your pride in being a man? Stop pretending you’re a girl man

  5. Where’s your pride in freedom? Just because I don’t think the same as you doesn’t mean I’m brainwashed not everyone has the same brain

  6. My partner is gonna get top surgery I need this for them :0 any chance you could send me the file for the photo <3

  7. Oki then it's awesome :3 I love black on a flag it looks sooo good isn't used often enough

  8. Oh shut up war is a hell scape and if this brings up their moral while they lose lots of their fellow soldiers everyday let them be

  9. And gender according to almost every dictionary (until very recently) gender refers to sex

  10. The natives of North America has considered gender separate from sex for literal thousands of years so did the ottomans and the ancient Greeks your just American

  11. I’m gonna need a source on that outlandish claim and im not American

  12. Two spirits, köçek, and the Greek had a 3 gender view system idk just search it up yourself

  13. Fr! All these guys sending the grossest schlong pics imaginable from like a top down angle or some shit 🙄

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