1. Your results are low, are you being monitored by a specialist as they often start on lower doses then increase them over time as they see how you tolerate treatment and how your liver and kidney function tests hold up.

  2. Hi, I'm also doing monotherapy, what is your usual regime as your T level is almost there, but your E level is low.

  3. Your that's a very high dose, I'm doing gynokadin gel 2 pumps twice a day which equates to 3mgs daily, applied scrotally if you can manage that and my hormone levels are well within the normal female range.

  4. It is useful thanks… did you notice any mental effect though before the physical changes we desire? I just want to know if I will get a taste of what it feels like?

  5. I did notice that I became a lot calmer and my sex drive began to lower, and those feelings increased once I switched to gel and got my blood levels into the female range

  6. Yes thanks 🙏 I need to try this for myself… you convinced me to try a little and see how it feels… x big thanks hun x

  7. Not a problem, hope all goes well for you

  8. Am doing monotherapy using gel, which if you can apply scrotally is effective in obtaining female hormone levels.

  9. You will need to do a lot of research, both in the medication that you are going to use, the legal system of your country and the customs regime with regards the importation of prescription only medication. Then you'll need to research which pharmacy you are going to use and the payment method required.

  10. Dear there is no natural estrogen gel available in my country, so what should i do, i have one( Estrabet gel)_17b estradiol gel 0.06%w/w which says estrogen gel for post menopausal treatment and it's synthetic. Can i start it with fewer amount

  11. 17b estradiol gel is bioidentical gel and the best to use. Transgender women need to take a higher dose than cis women so as to suppress testosterone levels.

  12. No I've not had any side effects, just the expected effects from taking estrogen

  13. I have the gel in like tiny pack thingies with no pump as I don't get it over the counter

  14. It's probably sandrena gel which comes in either 0.5 or 1mg sachets

  15. That's 1mg per sachet. I'd suggest 1 sachet twice a day for 3 months then have a blood test to check your hormone levels and then take it from there.

  16. In stead of swallowing the E tablets take them sublingually and allow them to dissolve under your tongue. It means more E2 will be available in your blood and less will be lost as the medication is lost as it passes through your liver.

  17. Yes, they are legit. I've been using 4rnx-uk pharmacy for over 2.5years, but when the parcel arrives it says UK pharmacies and they have always been reliable. My latest delivery took a week to arrive this month, normally it takes about 2 weeks.

  18. I use gynokadin gel and apply 2 pumps twice a scrotally monotherapy and my hormone levels are well within the female range.

  19. My endo doesnt allow me to use scrotal application. I asked her when we started and she says its not an option. Since I've waited years to even get HRT I've decided to not take any risks and stay with inner thigh application.

  20. Not a problem, I'd say the only option then is to see if you're endo will increase your dose and spread them out evenly over the day. I know some people are told to apply once a day in the morning.

  21. I've not used them, but they're available with out a prescription then don't waste your money as they're likely to be plant based phytoestrogens and won't do you much good.

  22. I've been using a sports bra type top, a t-shirt and a loose fitting shirt for work for 2 years and neither family nor people I see on regular basis have noticed.

  23. Hi, I apply 2 pumps twice a day scrotally and my my levels are well within the female range. I would suggest splitting the amount you apply to twice a day.

  24. I use 4nrx-uk pharmacy, but when the parcel arrives it says United pharmacies. I have been using them for over 2.5 years and their parcels always arrive as described above.

  25. If you take your Estrogen sub-lingual it'll give you higher estrogen levels as if you swallow it a lot of the estrogen is lost as it is handled by the liver.

  26. Would applying it scrotally increase my estrogen levels? I’m supposed to be on a lowish dose so i don’t wanna suddenly spike my levels.

  27. The aim of all medication is to achieve the best effect for the lowest possible dose. If you apply it all in one application then due to the half life of the medication you'll get a spike in the hours and you apply it and then your levels will drop off.

  28. but it’s still the same amount of gel so surely it doesn’t matter where i apply it, as long as it gets absorbed eventually? apologies if i’m being dense

  29. Different areas of the body will absorb the gel at with different levels of the gel reaching the blood, and so giving different results when you get your blood tests done.

  30. Taking higher doses of estrogen isn't going to make any difference to how your body has feminised, if your blood hormone levels are within cis female range then that's what you should keep them in.

  31. Breast development has been going well and according to measurements it has me as a D no cup, but in reality am a B small C cup. Being in my fifties when I started there's been a marked difference in body and facial hair growth. Psychologically has been the biggest change and am really happy with all the changes.

  32. I'm interested as well, if you get any recommendations please let me know thanks

  33. You could try Long Tall Sally, I'm 6foot tall and have bought a jacket from them that fits well for sleeve length. They also do suits and shirts that are specifically for ladies over 5 foot 8 inches. Hopefully you'll find something there.

  34. Do you know of any trustworthy sites to buy the hormones necessary without the need of a prescription and ships to Australia?

  35. Sorry I've no idea who supplies to Australia as am in the UK. You could try diyhrtwiki for recommendations. Using my phone and I don't know how to put the link in

  36. I order from 4nrx pharmacy, which is based in Hong Kong and as far as am aware they only supply to the UK, but they have a twin site for Australia

  37. I live in the UK and have bought lots of underwear both for myself and female partners and on the whole they don't really care who is buying from the store. Just as long as they are making a sale, it maybe different if you are asking too go into the fitting room to try things.

  38. I read the books well before the TV show and they are a lot better than the show, as you need to condense the story into the TV serial limits.

  39. The leaflet is giving you the normal female dose. I am using gynokadin gel and apply the gel scrotally as that gives you a higher blood level.

  40. I started on patches and found that my levels weren't good enough, I switched to get and if you can applying it scrotally got levels into the the normal female range within a couple of months.

  41. Not comfortable doing that sadly makes my dysphoria worse touching that thing ,but I'll do inside of thighs closer than the endo suggested . Fingers crossed gel works a charm for me .

  42. Fit-motor-2056 says that they apply to their thighs and says their results are similar to when they applied scrotally, so it may work the same for yourself.

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