1. “If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”

  2. “Friends with benefits” which is where people are friends and decide to continually have sex but they aren’t interested in marriage or even a dating relationship. It’s full on sexual sin.

  3. Imposters have been among us this entire time! Everything is so sus now.

  4. This sub never ceases to amaze with its extreme unchristlike behavior.

  5. I also made a whole post about homophobic behavior I’ve seen in the church and got a lot of crap for it.

  6. A lot of pop psychology nowadays tells us that it’s good to masturbate, pornography is good, even just now thinking, “I would rather be doing this than sleeping around.” Yeah that’s true but why do I have to pick one or the other? Can I have the strength to resist both? The truth is yes.

  7. I’d say the thoughts are definitely from me because I’ve tried to look up how to change it from a scientific perspective but it doesn’t look like they know enough about the science behind it.

  8. Paul adresses sexual immorality by telling people to instead engage with their wives. It was never made to be alone, and whatever god has in store for you (he loves to give good gifts) will be better than masterbation

  9. I did not have that summon thing happen for me.

  10. I agree, slavery is not condoned at all in the Bible. The point was to show the OP how the people at that time came to that conclusion through poor interpretation.

  11. Jesus did not make an exception for spousal abuse. Only infidelity. Maybe she can divorce because she cheated.

  12. I agree. I believe she can divorce to keep herself safe, but she cannot marry the other guy she has feelings for.

  13. Yeah guys, you can fix your depression easily. Just go buy a private jet, a yacht, and a sports car.

  14. God’s going to care more about the health of your kid than you fasting.

  15. Bro why do you have to crap on burgers, Netflix, and video games?

  16. They can wait a bit. While I’m at it, I’m grabbing Parmesan as well.

  17. EDIT: Wow. Thank you for the downvotes. They further emphasize my points (as expected). It is appalling how many people are complacent with judging and "harming" other people, when Christians are called upon to love and forgive. Religious trauma is real and ignoring it won't make it go away. The LGBTQ+ community doesn't attend church because they don't feel welcome there. People reject Christianity before they get the chance to know God because Christians tell them that they can't vote blue (aka hold socially liberal views) and be a "real Christian." There are intelligent, compassionate, thoughtful, good people on both sides of these debates. Personally, I think it is time that we come together as Christians who love Jesus instead of dividing and villainizing people that hold different views.

  18. I’d say I overall agree with you here, although maybe not 100% on the abortion issue but I understand your reasoning. And yes, the church needs to treat LGBT people better

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