Final FULL image transmit by DART mission

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  1. I feel like the energy a comment gives off is much more than the words spoken. If you tell a dog 'bad boy!' but in a really cheerful happy tone, the dog doesn't think it's really being bad. If you say 'good girl!' in an angry, aggressive tone, the dog will follow the tone and think you are angry, regardless of the words. Weird example but if it rubbed you the wrong way and continued to bother you, most likely there was something your brain picked up that did not hit right.

  2. I don't know, seems like it will just cause mockery instead, make everyone believe that your country is a backwater who barters with cows and purchases women. Not really tourist friendly I would think.

  3. I think they're right that it's intended to be a joke (although probably not mocking Russia; the guy involved is Pro-Russian) and that you're right about the effect probably backfiring.

  4. Does he know Daddy Zelenskyy is Jewish and descends from a Holocaust survivor and the only survivor of four brothers

  5. Nah, they cost 1500 to make but are retailed at 500 as a loss leader. There are 15-20kn units there now. Space X Ukraine commercial cost is 80 million apparently. Musk should pipe down though.

  6. It's fun to mock those as an adult, but I remember being genuinely terrified by them as a child.

  7. There's something about the idea of refusing to diagnose someone with a condition based primarily on the stigma surrounding it that just seems outright negligent. People need to be treated based on what's actually wrong, not something that's kind of similar and considered more socially acceptable.

  8. Ehhh, by only SOMETIMES sounding like an asshole. I worked with what were practically fundies, and they tended to seem normal and then once in a while poke fun at people who didn't believe in their obvious god, or didn't follow gender norms, or whatever it might be.

  9. It really strikes me when an otherwise normal-seeming person breaks out something like that.

  10. for some people, the idea that "christians are be prosecuted for their beliefs", which mostly was based in the time when it was an unpopular religious cult two thousandish years ago, morphed into "keep poking the world around you with obnoxious christianism, if people complain that about you bothering them that's a Persecution, and a sign that you're being A Good Christian"

  11. For some of them, definitely. I really think others believe that their opinions are so common sense and obvious that everyone around them is going to agree.

  12. They tried, but Trump wouldn't sit still for the microscope.

  13. I think she's talking about his asshole, actually, which is so large that the James Webb Telescope has issues with visualizing all of it at once. It just fills the entire field of view.

  14. It has been very bizarre to me to see the Republicans pull so hard away from this conflict. You would think the promise of completely destroying our oldest ideological enemy would be too tantalizing to resist. But perhaps we are to married to Trump, and too married to opposing the Dems on EVERYTHING, that we cannot allow ourselves the joy of saying “I fucking told you so” while we arm Ukraine to the tits and blast Russia back into the 19th century.

  15. That's really the only thing they have going for them at this point, which is honestly pretty concerning. Putin is pretty clearly not just pretending to be irrational at this point, since he's escalated to the degree that it's probably just a matter of time until he has a separatist conflict going in Dagestan. His escalation isn't realistically going to help him very much, either. Adding 300,000 more troops back in the first phase of the war, when Russia still had a decent core of professional soldiers and plenty of modernized weapons, might have accomplished something. Now, though? The most likely result is that he'll paint himself into a corner where he has no way out.

  16. Yeah, I clicked the link thinking I wanted to read it. I'm still glad I did, but for different reasons.

  17. Yes but no one likes him anyway, and their not going to shoot a man for shutting in the pool in Dagestan, but if he shat in europes pool, or on europes pool deck, that’s different. As terrible it is to say. A non rational pool shitter is fine if he keeps shiting in his own pool.

  18. Nuking Attempting to nuke a part of his own country would not go over well with his own people. Very, very few people would tolerate that kind of behavior, and proving his own insanity could very well lead the people of Russia to finally decide that he wasn't fit to lead. Realistically, the order might never even be carried out, depending on who received it.

  19. I remember being disappointed, early on, being disappointed to learn that Juno's visual light camera probably wouldn't survive more than a few perijoves. Through 2016 and 2017, I kept expecting the photos from each pass to be the last set.

  20. It's a combination of Jupiter's incredibly strong magnetic field, and particulate matter shot out by volcanoes on its moon Io.

  21. Yeah this ad isn’t doing anyone any favours. Although I think / hope it might be to advocate for things like when public services offer feminine hygiene products, that they are available in mens spaces too.

  22. IDK about anyone else here, but I am seriously creeped out about how he's talking about cats' tongues. I've owned cats all my life, I have a cat now that's my ESA, and I can tell you those fuckers have rough tongues. I have never met anyone who thinks otherwise.

  23. This was apparently in response to a disaster of a post where someone discussed being aroused by the sensation when a cat licked his neck in gag-inducing detail. For the record, he also gave a description of cat tongues that was so wrong it felt surreal (something like "soft rubber", if my mind hasn't blocked out too much of that memory), so maybe, hopefully, these are people who have never actually touched a cat. At least, I'm praying to a God I don't even believe in that they haven't.

  24. That's the same with my cats. I have bipolar disorder, and I have been so low, I have doubted the love of my family and friends, and thought they would eventually be happy if I was no longer around.

  25. I have a disorder that causes serious affective issues, too. They're not quite as extreme as those with Bipolar Disorder (ie., I've never experienced a manic episode; some of my highs are similar to hypomania, but less long-lasting and not as distressing), but they're still terrible.

  26. The sun. For purposes of measuring the velocity of objects in our solar system we consider to sun to be stationary.

  27. I'm pretty sure it was actually relative to Didymos/Dimorphos. If so, then it's mainly the lack of any frame of reference for the scale of any of the objects involved that makes it look slow.

  28. I feel you brother. Whenever I try to sit down and draw, everything that comes out looks like utter garbege while I had an extremely detailed and cool looking head canon.

  29. Drawing is one of those things that takes quite a bit of time and effort to learn how to do well, unfortunately. The first few attempts are always garbage. The important thing is really to not get embarrassed by how much those early attempts suck (easier said than done, I know), to look up ways to improve, and to keep trying until you get it down.

  30. Freedom comes at the price of blood. That man gave his life for the ideals of freedom and democracy. Hope he’s remembered for the hero he is for a long time.

  31. That's another gross but common misconception. Autistics do have emotional empathy - what they lack by default is cognitive empathy, which is a prerequisite to form the theory of mind. But many autistics can learn it, and some can attain high proficiency.

  32. Yeah, the idea that we can't form attachments to other people (which I've heard before) is just weird to me.

  33. People always SAY stuff like that but it's hard to believe it was ever really used that way...

  34. I think that, early on, Reddit was primarily a content/news aggregation website. It also had competitors at that point, especially Digg, so it was quite a bit smaller and more of a site-wide culture than it does now. Some parts of that were fun and harmless while others were deeply toxic, so I don't mean to glorify it too much, but it makes it a little easier to imagine that upvotes and downvotes were handled the way that older users claim. I know that some subreddits still retain what's almost an artifact rule now saying that they should still be used like that, as well.

  35. Not exactly gravel, the final image from the main spacecraft is roughly 100ft×100ft so some of the bigger rocks are easily 10 feet across.

  36. From some of the close-up photos DART got right before its impact, it looks like Dimorphos actually has quite a bit less gravel in its regolith than some of the other rubble-pile asteroids that spacecraft have visited, like Bennu and Ryugu. Maybe that's because it's too small to trap as much fine dust, or maybe it's because Didymos takes up any finer particles (that's probably why it's so elongated, unlike the rhombus-shaped larger asteroids).

  37. Probably. While the DART spacecraft was relatively small, it was still enough mass moving quickly enough to create an explosion comparable to a large bomb going off. Telescopes on Earth were able to observe the wave of debris moving out from Dimorphos, which means that a small spacecraft close to the asteroid would have been at pretty high risk of being destroyed. LICIA Cube probably couldn't have survived being struck by a pebble moving at the speeds involved.

  38. The feed I was watching had a member of the DART team, he mentioned there was another satellite following something like "167 seconds" behind, and it will be beaming back higher res pics. He said they should show up starting sometime tomorrow evening. Not sure beyond that.

  39. I believe that it's called LICIACube. It's an Italian-built spacecraft based off of a Cube Sat platform and launched with DART. The two separated a few weeks ago, and LICIACube (if I'm getting the name right) performed a flyby just after DART's impact to gather more info on both the asteroids and the collision itself. That includes better imagery of Didymos and Dimorphos, including photos of the hemisphere that DART couldn't see during the short final phase of its mission, and shots of the impact plume from fairly close up.

  40. Exactly. What you described in your previous comment sounded like someone capable of logical reasoning quite a long way, only to slam the breaks at the last, crucial moment and fall back into blind faith. Like a scientist who makes a meaningful experiment only to discard everything in the end and conclude "therefore God Is Truth".

  41. I had a therapist (PhD) at Kaiser tell me the psychiatrist (MD) was mistaken and I couldn’t be autistic, because:

  42. I feel like I've seen something like this on assessments. But I've never met anyone like it in real life or on the internet who cares about dates like this. Rainman was a pretty good movie, and based on a real person who was like this, but he was one in a million.

  43. I also don't believe the real person had an ASD. I'm pretty sure that his Savantism was the result of damage to his brain from environmental factors at a young age, and that he would have been neurotypical had that not happened.

  44. "Boss says you have to stay late to finish the work you didn't do"

  45. I mean, a lot of the work-related stuff he complains about is pretty relatable and legitimate, so I just assumed his boss was actually an asshole who forced him to stay late to do part of his own workload.

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