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  1. Perhaps you should have some self-respect? This display of obsequious chivalry for an elderly lady you never met who lived a life of luxury at your expense while being a living embodiment of an enforced social hierarchy is embarrassing to be perfectly honest.

  2. Genuine question: what are you proud of about being from NI?

  3. That doesn't even make sense. Surely you understand that whatever crimes Obama has committed, it is absolutely contested by some that he has committed murder.

  4. So if you order a drone strike that kills a load of people you havent murdered anyone? This is news to me. Gonna dig out my old List of Enemies here!

  5. Probably not. It has to be unlawful to be murder, and there's no general agreement that it was unlawful.

  6. Must be nice to be the guy in charge of the people who decide what is and isn't murder. Convenient like. Oh well, a man can dream x

  7. You think comparing a fictional colleague committing a criminal offence and burning down your place of work is comparable to the DUP refusing to go back to Stormont?

  8. I do yeah. It's a perfectly valid analogy. One group of workers is refusing to sit in the chamber, with the result being that none of their colleagues can sit in it either. And I dont know about you but I'd be pretty annoyed if the MLA I voted for to represent me simply threw the head up and looked for another job. For the exact same reason we are all currently annoyed they arent sitting in government

  9. That’s the exact attitude I was referring to expecting people to work for living is now bitter. Public sector entitled in a nutshell. Wouldn’t bother me at all if the MLAs I voted for got a new job providing the replacement has a salary equivalent to the role they are currently carrying out.

  10. I do work for a living. I just dont like letting my employer fuck me over. If you resent that then yes, you are bitter. But dont worry, since you're either a worker or a boss, I'll continue to push for better rights for all workers, including you 😘😘

  11. Not only that, his official statement is that he's handing control of his accounts over to his assistants to keep him in line, and that he's exclusively sticking to making peer-edited articles and video essays from now on.

  12. Lol good. He needs a solid boot in the dick

  13. It's not bullying if the man thoroughly deserves a boot in the dick though lol

  14. Dup represent a large part of community right or wrong. To a lot of unionists it's been consession after consession. It's a showhorn for united Ireland. This means it hasn't been inclusive to all the population of this country. The hardened on both sides have to do for this to happen though. Just what I think. Maybe I'm wrong.

  15. Can you name any specific concessions? I'm not talking about there being an Irish language program on Radio Ulster or certain laws being brought in line with the rest of the UK here - I'd like to know some tangible things that unionists have been deprived of

  16. Think Showhorn Concession might have been a favourite of my da's. It was a John Wayne one, right? Or was that a different film I'm thinking of?

  17. In my opinion if your top priority is wanting to fall in love you're gonna spend a lot of your life being disappointed. There's probably nothing wrong with you, OP. It's just the luck of the draw. Try not to put so much stock in it. Best to focus on being happy as you are then if and when you do meet someone by chance you'll appreciate it more. Good luck 👍

  18. No offence but this isn't very helpful advice. Humans are social creatures and the bond that comes from romantic partners is extremely different to familial and friendship bonds. Telling someone just to be happy by themselves is about as useful as telling someone with depression to cheer up.

  19. It's really not the same thing at all. Most of us want to be with someone and have a deep connection with them. I'm just telling OP not to get to the stage where that becomes the magic bullet to fix all the problems in their life. The harsh reality is that is they might not meet such a person for a long time (or ever) - and that's ok!

  20. In the wonderful future of 2022, one can highlight text and ask a "computer" to count the words

  21. My computer doesnt tell me the number when I highlight it.

  22. She’s a self-described plus size model. Not exactly what someone would call athletic

  23. I didn't call her athletic either, dipshit lol

  24. How can you justify saying someone is objectively beautiful (or not beautiful)? Isn't the whole point that it's subjective?

  25. So you came to bat for Peterson and are giving off at me for doing the exact same thing he did? Cheerio, chief! 👍

  26. I cut time wasters out of my life by simply taking the time to screenshot their posts and put them on Reddit whereupon I will get notified of further discussion on them. Winners win

  27. Is dissolving the union some Tory ploy we haven't figured out yet or are they just that incompetent?

  28. When the DUP shout about undermining the Good Friday agreement why does nobody remind them they didn't sign it anyway?

  29. Because who the fuck can be bothered Googling some tiresome Paddy bullshit? Just copy what other journalists have already said! That's the way to do it

  30. Can’t help but see a young Robert Duvall in middle left!

  31. Holy fuck it is him alright. I'm gonna say that's Michael on the left, Sonny inside right and Fredo on the extreme right

  32. This is a great offer but I think I have it beat. Instagram tried to sell me a pair of Reeboks reduced from £22.50 to £27. They are basically giving them away!

  33. He's allowed to eat in his own car. Dont you know he did 20 fucking years in the can?!

  34. Send Carmine to the airport! Send Carmine to run some Mickey Mouse wet T shirt competition in Miami! Ahm smaht! Not dumb! Not like everybody says! Ahm smaht! And I want respect!

  35. What day does the week begin? There's your answer

  36. Yeah the album said that the world will end in 5 years unless a “black star” saves the world. Kanye was born 5 years later

  37. I've listened to the album many times and it doesn't ever say this lol

  38. its said on his blackstar album not this one

  39. Yeah... except it isn't though. And even if it was, it still wouldnt be as "holy shit that's insane!" as what the guy above implied would it? He said that the album pictured, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and The Spiders From Mars (1972) says the world will end in five years unless a "black star" came to stop it. Which it categorically does not

  40. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Especially people who've just left school. Do the course if that's what you want to do

  41. This reasonable letter is yet more evidence of the nefarious ROI/EU plot to circumbobulate and disentangulise the Union at all costs. Disgraceful and shameful. Winston Churchill did not die on the battlefields of the Somme for this

  42. A kai is a big thing with udders that you get milk from so it is

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