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  2. yes this was the final 4 teams. live coverage

  3. Hey rym so I ran mgo events since mgo2 days. With mgo3 the demo skill and grenades make the spamming none stop during matches and you do not get to see the skill and talented battles. Google my name and mgo3 see my events and see how much better events were as I ran a ton of them. I play tested these settings for 2 years with top mgo3 players. These are well thought out and tested settings for matches. Hoping you and anyone curious gives it a try and sees how fun it can be. Come play in event. Hit me if you got questions.

  4. No I get that! I think part of me just associates MGO with getting artillery strike'd. Sadly I'm on PC but if anyone records I might have to take a peek at the gameplay

  5. I do live coverage and commentary. It’s my thing as a esports production org. Only do mgo out of love not much business there. Lmao feel free to join broadcast.

  6. Looks like comments being deleted. By others?

  7. Apex is the first game that pretty much made me but a mic and talk to randoms.

  8. I am a streamer and don’t like having random people featured on my stream specially when I am sponsored can be dangerous. I solo q a ton myself and agree sometimes we just want to win. Winning takes teamwork wouldn’t you say?

  9. Yes it adds a whole other skill set to a fps rather than just run and gun for yourself. It takes skill to communicate effectively and think not only about yourself and your situation, but your teammates location, shields and health, weapons and ammo, and skills into account.

  10. Agreed agreed. I felt like people are trying more than ever to team up.

  11. That's because of the distance you might be from zone 1. Imagine being on kings canyon in map room and ring being at bunker, it would take effort trying to outrun a round 1 ring at that distance with increased damage.

  12. Yes this makes for more players actually in the ring trying to get best positioning rather than roaming through light damage outside ring for 2 rounds.

  13. lol just read the patch notes and this is copied from the out of bounds rework

  14. I state that in the title. Could have explained better but I say it inspired a idea

  15. Yeah the rampart got me wanting to play her again once it goes thru. Let’s see.

  16. It'll either be dead on arrival like Maggie or overpowered like Seer. If it's anything like the Seer launch then it'll be nerfed. If it's dead on arrival it'll stay that way forever.

  17. Not sure about that man. Devs work hard to do what they can to rework things. Takes time sometimes. Hard to add or subtract something when anything you do can make or break a game.

  18. The mastiff is going back in the care package, spitfire coming out.

  19. Send that rookie shotgun in I am happy with that. Still worried it’s wingman though.

  20. and it's just not good enough in the average player's hands. most will still be better off with a slightly modded R-301 or R-99 than a CP wingman just cause it's so hard to hit with

  21. The smoke is incredibly useful people just don’t know how to use it, doesn’t need to be touched, only thing she needs is an ult rework

  22. Arguably the greatest Bangalore player shiv said he retiring from using Bangalore for competition events because her smoke issue. It’s not a matter if she good she is awesome still but we talking about the abusive scan within smoke, so many legends able to make the smoke useless when you got unbreakable done and other hard to counter abilities. Not sure if you just want to have a back and forth for fun or want to actually discuss it? Saying her ult needs a rework I do not see it at all but explain that also. As both takes feel a bit like your baiting. Help me out see your view in smoke and ult?

  23. Would highly recommend watching this split of comp apex. On Stormpoint many teams have run Bangalore because there are so many open spaces on the map. Her smoke and ability to use her ult to push back teams has made her more valuable to some teams than gibby for rotations.

  24. Most def was happy watching note I run private apex legends tournaments and watch ALGS religiously. So I know what you talking. Still much to improve and do.

  25. Remember the bad ok days when the phase shift was instant and wraiths would just run around in the ring

  26. Wraith was OP back in day and I’m guilty of abusing her but I mean she way more balanced now.

  27. MnK are fundamentally superior just because of how a controllers analog stick works, and apex doesnt support MnK on console. If you lost to a controller player, you wouldve been decimated if they knew how to use a mouse. Simple as that, stop complaining about controller players it's getting old.

  28. I am actually a console player and never play PC barely 20 hours a year on PC. Lmao I am not complaining I am discussing a topic about a esports scene I host events for and it matters to see peoples views. I follow ALGS as they set the bar to rules but I like exploring ideas and sharing suggestions with the devs directly. It’s all just good topics to learn and share my experience on.

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