1. I always get Blast ball, that golden spinning Beam and this

  2. Is this blood under his eyes? (Second image)

  3. Defeat the lamb as tainted blue baby, you cant use poops and any items

  4. yeah but that only works if you have a ton of bombs or an item that explodes. my point is it seems dependent on having another item that works with it, which means it can’t be quality 4

  5. Drowns an enitre family 🌚 sized chips 🌝

  6. I got it too I only have to equip patern and color legendary but I need more coin , I need to finish the bp and I ll wait till something in the store drops

  7. Sorry to say, but its impossible after new season. All legendary stuff now is neither special, or got decreased rarity. You need to buy sushi pack to get it rn...

  8. they will for sure add something or change it, because you need to pay money to get it

  9. I think they should now remove that trophy. It's literally p2w now, and even payaheftyamount2w dare I say, so lucky of me having gotten it when I still could for free, but I'm feeling sorry for all those f2p players who now can't platinum the game without paying.

  10. Achievements sadly cant be removed from some platforms, so they wont do it

  11. You didnt even get one qualify achievement

  12. There was free Legendary pattern for fall guys annjversary, that's how I got this achievement

  13. And dive grabbing cameback, true nightmare...

  14. Match-making in Solo Show is no longer random, players are sorted into skill-based tiers, and each tier has a limited rotating map pool. Hope you don't like Skyline Stumble, Block Party, or Perfect Memory, cause now you have to play Squads show to see 'em.

  15. How do fast? I dont Play so little and Im only at 23

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