1. Just replaced mine with a CarPlay/android setup. Total cost for everything was $187 all from Amazon. Took about 45 min to a hour to install. It’s crazy how much better just the stocker speakers sound. Was going to replace with kickers or JBL but might not have to.

  2. I live somewhere the service is bad between towns. I get this all the time. Even on my downloaded music. Drives me insane.

  3. Oh mine has a micro SD slot also but I tried one movie and it wouldn’t open. Do you know the format your movie is in? Mine was pulled from iTunes.

  4. Dang so is mine but it won’t play. Guess I’ll have to goof around a little more.

  5. What the heck, this is two in the past day and a half just on Reddit. How many are lost a day.

  6. Thanks! I use 1000 grit wet sandpaper, then 2000 grit wet, then Meguiars Ultra cut compound and buff it, then Mother's polish. This can be done without a buffer...just takes a little more time. Some people spray with clear coat, but I prefer to just do it with the sandpaper and polish. I just keep imagining the clear coat peeling and chipping making an extra layer to deal next time.

  7. I guess it depends on if you're getting enough spinning motion from the orbital vs vibration. Its definitely worth a try. If you've used it on paint and did ok, I would just go for it. Especially if it's faster than by hand.

  8. Small world! I think I know that beach! That one's in Oregon isn't it?

  9. That front end clunk is likely to be the sway bar end links. Very common on the Es. I always do the rubber bar bushings at the same time.

  10. I just check the sway bar end links and one is completely missing the rubber so you called it. Im going to just replace it all in the front end it seems cheap enough. If I’m going to put my daughter in it I want it safe as possible.

  11. I know a lot of guys have been requesting one. I have been there almost 4 years now and it wasn’t until last year they got actual water filters built into the city water so jugs can fill up fast.

  12. I have a buddy in my family plan who lives in Canada and he even downloaded Spotify in the Canadian store and it works all fine and dandy

  13. Those black panels are looking great! Did you repaint them?

  14. I did two coats of a back ti black style stuff after a good cleaning. Crazy how much darker they got. Worth the $14 bottle.

  15. Putting it into stylus mode makes less ghost touches into a stop so you don’t have to click out of a stop every damn time. Also classic view is the way to go

  16. Just snagged me a 2004 AWD for $4400. Just needs a little front end work which parts are on order.

  17. Same. And being able to block an artist. Why that basic feature isn't available to me doesn't make sense unless there is a deal with record companies.

  18. I seem to struggle really hard finding good playlist on Apple Music. Spotify has a lot of ones that are very similar but once you dive deep I usually find something good.

  19. They don’t make it easy but the human created stuff is pretty good on Apple Music.

  20. Interior is pretty gross, but hopefully a detail will help a bit. Some scratches but otherwise decent exterior and no obvious rust but haven't really looked that close yet.

  21. I used scrubbing bubbles on the floor and a new tires cleaner. I sprayed and let it sit. Then sprayed again and scrubbed the crap out of it and then just used a bucket of water and a towel to wipe it out. My floors look almost brand new it’s crazy. Just got mine a week ago.

  22. Take good care of your new baby and it will be good to you. There are a few rules for Element owners : wave to other Elements, and if you see another Element in a parking lot, park beside it if possible— the Elements get lonely as their numbers roadworthy decrease. Also look online to see if Element owners are having gatherings. Years ago there were even mod gatherings where everyone helped each other do modifications. Original owner since 2003, Sunset Orange Pearl.

  23. What the heck I waved to three of them along with my buddy in my passenger seat while in Fort bragg, Mendocino and then one on highway 1 and I know they seen us. I straight made eye contact. I didn’t get a single wave. I was a little hurt haha.

  24. 1.5HR print on the 3D printer for a handle. Saved the 20 min drive to town.

  25. Nice! Mind sharing the file / print parameters?

  26. My father who I am fortunate enough to live next door to is the printer man. I sent him this

  27. I've been with each one of them. There's just no alternative to Spotify but the bad features and decisions they are going with, slowly taking over their good ones.

  28. Ahh I feel ya. I’m on Apple Music right now and it’s a little wild. I live rural so downloaded playlist are a must for me. But apple will not let me adjust audio quality. It takes up so much memory. I drive a 04 car with stock stereo I don’t need a fancy bit rate I just need everything downloaded because who knows the mood I’m in. Having the 128GB iPhone I am limited. When I had Spotify I would set low quality and download everything and it would be 15-18GB. Same exact on apple is almost 40GB. I might be coming back.

  29. I’m on my buddy’s plan to get YouTube premium so I have been trying YouTube music. I’m trying really hard to like it. Discovering some good stuff and it has alot of playlist built for the user. Also can set audio quality which is nice. Thumbs up and down on all songs is also cool. Just a very awkward app to navigate compared to Spotify and apple.

  30. I have refused to drive a truck and switched all packages over because piss bottles. Whoever the pisser was they would clearly miss because there was a spot on the ground. The truck smelled so bad like they managed to even piss on the driver seat. Toss in the 100° days I absolutely refused.

  31. Is it just a standard 80’s Rock Mix? Or does it have some extended title mixed with time of day?

  32. It says try some 80s rock, classic rock, air guitar lol. Before I canceled premium I was on a total older rock mode. But a lot of the songs are ones I never have really heard so that’s cool for discover.

  33. I'm almost at that point. I listen to music at work and it's driving me insane hearing the same songs. I'm sorta embarrassed too because I know other people are wondering why I listen to the same stuff on repeat lol.

  34. Haha that’s funny. I listen to stuff all over the place in genres. People always look at me funny. I’ll be on reggae one min then off to something like the flatliners which is like punk rockish.

  35. Do they have something similar to random playlists?

  36. Umm I wouldn’t say random but they have more variety and recommendations of playlist it seems.

  37. ? yes it would and i hydrate and eat right and would love AC it would be very effective in helping me cool down between stops

  38. Guess I don’t understand the point of cooling down on resi routes when it’s just stop go, stop go. Rural with a lot of driving I get. But guess it’s just me.

  39. Well at least that leaves me with my 1000 cube Ford. It has been my favorite truck by far.

  40. Load times are terrible compared to Spotify and YouTube music. Then for a song to start also takes forever.

  41. That was an awesome video. What thickness wet suit you wearing up that way?

  42. most people wear 7mm farmer john. Warm enough for winter and doesn't get too hot for the summer either.

  43. Dang that’s awesome. Never have seen a dive video up that way. Have a friend in Surrey. Going to tell him to get his butt in the water.

  44. Haha right. We don’t have time for that racist turd ball. Send him out.

  45. Guarantee the guy would have been completely confused and have zero clue

  46. Good advice. That’s what I do for myself but it’s been helpful on my little kids. Gotta find something that’s truly reef safe! Do u have any brands u recommend? Just for the face etc.

  47. Stream2sea might be something to look into. They have kids mineral sunscreen

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