1. I wish. Some jabroni did something similar in the 9th hour of Sebring last night and it ended our race after running an almost perfect first 2/3rds of the race

  2. Currently there is no plan to add this to the game.

  3. It is absolutely mandatory that you own Gran Turismo 4 my good sir

  4. Financial Fraud Analyst, $45k, less then a year, Criminal Justice degree

  5. I feel like AMLRS has employed the entire city of Cleveland at this point lol. Get the same job at a bank ASAP if you want to continue in the field. Get the experience and pivot if you don’t. Godspeed bc that place sucks

  6. White Sox uniforms are infinitely more boring than anyone else’s, Padres look like UPS delivery drivers, and the A’s Kelly Green uniform alone earns them the top spot

  7. It’s Good to be back my fellow guard fans hope you’ve all had a good winter

  8. I was on the field for this in right field down in foul territory as a security guard. That ball went right over my head. Won’t ever forget it!

  9. Unless you’re a former badmin. Then you’re heavily persecuted (rightfully so)

  10. I’m gonna come over there and cut those fingers off so you can’t type up these bozo ass posts

  11. Bahah yea I’m looking to upgrade Maybe r9 but I refuse to pay 100 dollars for shipping

  12. Just my 2 cents but I’d get a more rigid cockpit before anything else. I’m sure your seat would be fine though. Advanced Sim Racing carries Moza products as well as making their own rigs which I have heard nothing but rave reviews about. Free shipping to continental US!

  13. Moza r9 is 779 and out of stock lmfao

  14. The only reason a divebomb doesn’t end in contact is because the driver being dived upon has better race craft/awareness

  15. My 2 cents: you’re shifting way too soon for the McLaren, and on the last corner you severely upset the car by dipping into the grass which is why it shoves instead of turning in

  16. I can’t wait to see the back of this all season smh

  17. You can afford iracing but not a windows key lmao

  18. I’ve beaten the living daylights out of my Reebok Classic Leathers for 4 years and the fact that they’re even wearable still is an achievement

  19. Inside Lleywn Davis is a 10/10. Absolute gas

  20. In addition: I don’t even know if $1,000 is enough to find a well made couch. If it isn’t, light me up lol. I’m here to absorb info

  21. I actually just contacted them about that but don’t have high hopes. I left in May 2022 and haven’t received anything on Paycom or physically in the mail

  22. Check the ADP Workforce website. I just made an account using my SSN and my W2 was there. Left AMLRS back in March 2022.

  23. Do people realize the reason GT4s and all the other excellent non-GT3 cars are barely used bc they’re stubborn and only want to drive GT3? The main knock on ACC I hear from Iracing folks is that there isn’t any car variety. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I want new tracks too but they’ve explained why it’s hard to get tracks into the game. I’m pumped for all the new cars and the updated tire model—and hopefully a very strong BoP that makes all currently running irl cars viable.

  24. The outside track limits on the kerb at the exit of Spoon at Suzuka are legitimately bugged.

  25. That one is solely responsible for my DT at the Suzuka enduro lmao

  26. Don’t ever buy a DD and try that bc your wrists would get shattered lol

  27. What times can you race? Check out

  28. SRA is where you wanna be. Hope to see you in there!

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