1. Have to trust Western war intelligence and planning knows the situation to know they aren't leaving Ukraine open to defeatt

  2. Who do we have to trust when Baltics and Poland think it's critical, US and Germany cautious etc.

  3. Kudos to them! Seems like this would make less people use their tool, but also more moral use

  4. Good news - but unexpected timing with the high electricity prices.

  5. This is an insidious demand - it will stall majorly because even if Sweden wants to do it, it might require changing the constitution. Which requires a new election. Which the current government doesn't want since they just came to power and are impopular

  6. According to NATO estimates, in 2022 the alliance spent 2.57% of its combined GDP on defence. The biggest relative spenders were Greece (3.76%) and the United States (3.47%), with Poland third on 2.42%. Twenty of NATO’s 28 members spent less than the 2% guideline figure agreed by them in 2006.

  7. At least they have nuclear plants. How about other countries stop closing them

  8. In case anyone wants to see the actual video, this was the best version I could find:

  9. Can't think of anything more meaningless then locking them up

  10. Tror fan fler svenskar dog av att rulla bak ögonen för långt när de läste The Guardians gnällartiklar om Sverige än som faktiskt dog av covid.

  11. There was a series of animal escapes in Sweden too recently - a snake (called sir Hiss), two owls and some chimps - all in the news lately.

  12. I feel like this is always a 'new' story. We've been dealing with this issue for like 50 years.

  13. Exactly. But thanks US for financing the whole pharma industry, so we get meds in the rest of the world

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