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  1. Your song might be in 6/8 but your meter is set to 4/4. Try changing meter to 6/8 and see if that makes more sense to you.

  2. I went to a Network seminar with Donny Epstein. All I can say is: wowsers.

  3. Some time ago someone created a flowchart for combat, it might help explain the process:

  4. NPCs don't make moves. The concept of turn in that sense is not valid. NPC responses are integrated in the player moves. Maybe see it like this: NPCs always act at the same time as the PCs. The result of the roll effectively tells you yhe result of these opposing actions: On a strong hit, the PC foils the NPC and gets his way unconditionally, on a miss the player's action is foiled by the NPCs or backfires, on a weak hit it's a bit of both, the PC accomplishes some but doesn't manage to completely foil the NPCs either.

  5. Did I miss the research segment or this entire video a collection of anecdotes?

  6. People who use science with the sole effort of shitting on other people in this way will paint themselves into a drab corner

  7. I take joy in fixing ball marks on the green because it is such a rare occurrence

  8. This is so good! I wish you lived in the Western Hemisphere because I’m trying to hire someone with this kind of talent.

  9. Interesting how adult-sized converse were chosen for this thumbnail. Somehow it would seem more fucked up if they showed small converse this way and I’m sure they thought about this.

  10. If that Orion constellation was a molecular structure, it’d be pretty different from dmt. One small change to the molecule results in all sorts of different compounds. The constellation doesn’t even have a benzene ring, it has cyclopentane instead (if each point is a carbon, ignoring distances). Haven’t seen any psychoactive drugs with that structure. And the amine group in the indole structure has like 5 carbons sticking off of it, almost certainly making it inactive if the lack of benzene didn’t. The extra point in the dimethyl group would be a N-methyl, N-propyl group, not even dimethyl. Which some structures do have, like MPT.

  11. Stated Miranda rights are practically a myth in reality anyway

  12. Your smile is lovely. You look like Jessica Biel.

  13. These activated charcoal rubs seem real gimmicky to me or am I missing something? I'm assuming it adds no flavor so you are paying for a bunch of charcoal dust just for good bark?

  14. Activated charcoal is hyper absorbent so maybe it grabs onto juices that sweat out and also absorbs smoke flavor?

  15. I’ve been playing for about 6 years, mostly casual kitchen table or magic arena. When I go play EDH at my LGS, I still feel like a complete noob lol.

  16. Another mostly pro (slight con) of bottling: they drop clear quicker than a keg. However, you have to be careful not to disturb the bottom of the bottle when pouring/transporting.

  17. Haha yeah. I actually started bottling with CBC-1 or other yeast that cake hard to the bottom of the bottle added. Does a good job of smashing the yeast out of solution a d you can pour like normal without any real worry of disturbing it.

  18. yeah I've made the mistake of trying to swirl an Oberon before pouring it haha.

  19. You know… it was a silly show, but I kind of like the way Futurama depicted God. Completely inhuman.

  20. So this could mean a number of things. First interpretation is that yes, we are literally in the image of God. He looks like one of us. The second interpretation is that as God possesses emotions, abstract thought, and other capacities deemed the result of having a soul. And as such being made in His image doesn’t necessarily describe physical appearance but rather the traits that make us different from other animals.

  21. You don’t think animals possess abstract thought nor emotions?

  22. Twitch has VOD for prior streams. Assuming this is something he makes available.

  23. Oh, okay. Do you have to make an account to view the streams? I'm assuming it's free but just tired of signing up for shit. I've got enough accounts, lol

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