1. I am but Jesus. These kids have/had fathers also. I mean I realize she absolutely ruled while married to Caitlyn but where the hell was Robert? This didn’t start when they became adults. The whole mess drives me crazy. These people have all the advantages and can get all the help but don’t.

  2. I believe all of them are in therapy. I think everything they do on Instagram or for the tabloids is for show

  3. The media manipulation continues to work in Kardashians favour. Especially the gen z however there becoming woke. But the generation before that…. They need the guidance

  4. I would LOVE if those kids could break the cycle and come out with a tell-all but unfortunately the odds are not in their favor. They have no real role models to show them any other way than what they know now. So most likely they’ll learn that to keep the lifestyle, they need to keep up the crazy antics. That’s their job in the world.

  5. The people the Kardashians have working for them. I’m assuming is of a lower income from a different country obviously because it’s cheaper. You can’t tell me for one second that they try to do better for the kids. Regardless of any NDAS signed.

  6. They are still manipulating society I see. Articles saying they aren’t going to the met in the first place had ppl really talking. Now look there going.

  7. Isn't she tired of working all the time by now? She spent many years purposefully showing her face at specific places and events to get photographed to gain fame. Now that she's famous, she's still carrying on the same tactics, taking every job that crosses her desk to represent some crappy product that doesn't even fit with their brand - it gives the same desperate energy as when she first started.

  8. She’s trying to stay relevant for her kids to take over in place. Look at kris Jenner. She’s freaking out because society has changed and aren’t taking the bullshit of exploiting kids lightly. This isn’t 2013 Kim it’s 2023 and people are over it. I have said this many times all the Kardashians are on drugs. How could u handle that kind of pressure and the anxiety they must have.

  9. There’s something off about this guy and idk what it is.

  10. He’s the type that tells you that you look amazing. Then goes and tells the next person your ugly. He’s a typical “mean girl”. He wants to be validated so much and it shows. He’s in this little bubble and thinks he looks amazing when he looks like this

  11. i know we snark but this has to not feel great for her to read… i hope she doesn’t lol

  12. R u kidding lol. U can’t tell me for one minute how all of them aren’t hooked to pain killers

  13. They are the ones crafting and enabling these problematic stars and influencers to shift away people’s attention.

  14. And it’s working. My parents who are in there 60s don’t give two craps about these ppl. Im in my 30s and I don’t either but I have social media like Instagram. My parents don’t. My point is there manipulating younger kids. This is why I say the last thing I will do is have my kids on social media. Not until there older like high school. Cuz u see kids in elementary school on it

  15. They won’t say anything about the continued work they get because it keeps them relevant. That’s why. If they did say what they got done all the time then they would die out.

  16. I’m 33 and can say I have never bought anything from them and will continue to never. I saw right through all their bullshit. I know friends who got a ton of work done because of shitty ppl like the Kardashians. I have never felt the need to change myself tho..high five to that. I have two daughters who need me to be natural too because the world is hard on women when it comes to looks. My daughters will always be happy in their skin unlike the kartrashians

  17. It depends where in Toronto u are haha. I’m a girl and I lived in forest hill and now I’m Scarborough. If the area is more expensive you will get the stuck up people. If your trying to date girls in Scarborough they are more chill. It’s just the facts. Anyone commenting on this and telling me it’s not true please slap yourself. As someone who never grew up in Toronto and moved to Toronto when I was 20 it is very true

  18. The pic that doesn’t look as nice is the real her. Let’s be honest 😅

  19. Yeah I would trust my man around her. Because I know he doesn’t care for that much plastic. Plus the way she is it’s so fake. He can’t stand ppl like her!!

  20. The person working for vogue who posted it must be creeping this sub too hahaha

  21. It’s not there anymore because they were so bad. But Somebuddies the bar and restaurant had the worst management.

  22. I worked there as a dishwasher/ prep. It used to be good but yeah Tony was a huge cokehead and was prone to being moody.

  23. I didn’t work there but my mom had to deal with Tony. Straight up loser he was.

  24. In this picture I think she looks very similar to Kim and Kourtney

  25. Honestly she looks so bad. And u see all the comments on any of her pictures she posts to her Instagram bigging her up! “Omg goals so pretty” “beautiful”. So people commenting on how pretty she is with her new face makes her sickness worse. I’m not saying she isn’t pretty, she was just prettier before all this work done. I’m saying when you get all this work done and then put a damn filter on yourself it’s very toxic. Body dysmorphia is a real thing and she will NEVER be satisfied it’s a vicious cycle. It will progress on to the kids and that makes me very sad.

  26. If you ask me I think Kylie still talks to Jordyn. Low key they probably still text and stuff. It’s just the public/ social media will never see it. If the Kardashians are so quick to forgive trashcan. For sure they have forgiven Jordyn too.

  27. She must check this sub. She posted in her story today of a cheaper black hoody lol

  28. Sorry but in my opinion FaceTune needs to GO. Honestly it’s doing nothing then making girls have even lower self esteems then they already have. How is making your “online face” better looking then your normal every day face good at all!? I have never used facetune and I will never and I won’t let my daughters use it either. F*** that. I have friends who have really low self esteem because of filters. So sad to see.

  29. Yup. I feel this comment 100%. It’s healthy to take social media breaks! After I had my second daughter I felt so anxious and triggered by girls like Kylie. I was off social media for months. I didn’t feel anxious or anything. Now I’m back on it and feel I need to get off it again. Sigh social media sucks lol

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