1. That would be the best shit I’ve seen on here. I probably had this quality only once on my life and Unfortunately I didn’t smoke back then.

  2. Check my newest posts last picture you’ll be happy… don’t lose the opportunity

  3. God damnnnnn that’s 🔥🔥🔥. you’ve gotten wayyyy better since I first seen your posts on here when I joined less than a year ago. I’d killll for that quality rn or the knowledge to make it myself with the PROPER gear lol

  4. Edit : Finally been off since Monday morning (5 days) of this past week subs help a lot ! Keep going y’all!

  5. Why is there so a big fent Problem in us? In Germany 99% of meds are real. Also Heroin is heroin and not fent here.

  6. Majority of pressed fent pills are knock offs of American brands, once cartels figure out the most popular and best selling European brands I’m sure they will staff flooding the market with pressies. Most fake blues are “M-30” which is made by mallinkrodt…

  7. Y’all if you want no MM hassle taxes maybe think about sending a PM my way 😙

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