I had to borrow my daughter’s car today, because of Reasons. I’m a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, turn 50 later this year.

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  1. There’s always doubt when the accused is rich because when they have a team of lawyers, they really have to work to make things happen.

  2. The kids are both beautiful but what chance will they have for normalcy in their lives? AB looks like a teen not a child. TB needs to get a grip about parenting.

  3. No one is raising that child. The adults in her life have failed her.

  4. first she stole marilyn’s dress, now she’s stealing the mummy wrappings off cleopatras body?

  5. AB is so tacky. His niece & baby are darling & she could do a shampoo commercial with her “great hair!” She looks great for having a little baby!

  6. Yep. It was from 2019. Can't remember what I ate yesterday for dinner, but somehow I remember this stupid shit. :-D

  7. What's crazy is that she did. For a really long time! Not even because she was so artful in her scamming, but who the hell would think someone would fake having six children? That's a level of illness few people are prepared to understand. And who would want to put themselves through the social wringer accusing a pregnant woman of faking it, even aside from how litigious, whiny and violent the old man is?

  8. Me too! The stuff works great. Many people (females!) have probably never heard of it! 😂😂

  9. It’s as if nothing ever happened! He immediately went on with his life & having concerts. London concert was sold out fast I remember. OMG, why patronize this man? He was told at another concert not to do what he did at Astroworld! He & Drake partied thereafter. Ten innocent people….GONE! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜💜💜🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. It is crazy how litigation on this case is so sealed. Why haven’t we heard about any trials?

  11. Money talks & so can the celebrity bunch get away with anything! It is so disgusting. God bless these souls that had such a frightening death - all 10 of them. TS & his unfeeling gf, are like robots. Bad karma!

  12. Was a reality show ever in the offing with so many kids for the Baldwins? Better him than me! Crazy.

  13. IS SHE WEARING BLUE CONTACTS ????? I called it yesterday she would wear them for the Megan look lol

  14. I made a comment on DM recently she’d have to wear blue contacts to be MF! DM made me change the wording a bit, I had but I got it “sent.”

  15. I have also read earlier he probably won’t get any jail time!

  16. Then we all should have them… Because we are sick and tired of the Fraudwins

  17. Great info, OddYam2337! I would not want to be him for anything. If he was drinking & had texts to / from HB about it, he would be very panic stricken. Deleted texts are always retrieved.

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