1. The file /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreGraphics.framework/Resource/Configuration.plist doesn't exist on iOS 9

  2. I found out there is a way to access TV option via Bravia sync menu. To access option directly, I disabled Bravia sync entirely. The problem is solved

  3. Should not happen, did you use the Sony remote??

  4. yes, the official Sony remote that came out of box. The issue is in the software

  5. Thanks! Thanks for posting the pics, too. :)

  6. I'm getting same issue on Windows 11 2H22. There is no IPA in the cache directory

  7. nevermind, I solved it by deleting C:\Users\Gaming\AppData\Local\sideloadly\installations.db and move IPA to other location

  8. Did you try to reinstall the tweak?

  9. Update: I tried to install the tweak to check if it works and the same happens, so I would say that the server is down and the dev instead of fixing it just abandoned the tweak.

  10. I tried deleting the preferences files, still crashes. I guess it's time to find an alternative

  11. Remove the tweaks or install the correct source for rocketbootstrap

  12. Det er jeg ikke helt sikker hvad det er. For info så køre jeg MitID 2.3.7. Måske en nyere eller ældre version har problemer.

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