1. You realize they currently play in Bolder, Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah already???

  2. Pullman, Washington was also know to get snow in the later months as well

  3. Yes, forgot about them as I debated on if I should mention, playing in a Seattle November rain being somehow better than snow.

  4. I drove an hour for the cheez it, worth it though

  5. Which Irvine location? Asking for a SoCal friend 😀

  6. Denard Robinson's 67 yard TD run at Ohio State when 2 defenders from Ohio State bounced off him, on opposite sides, at the same time.

  7. As a Nebraska fan you’re telling me you genuinely enjoy playing Northwestern and Indiana more than the old B12 matchups?

  8. Indiana is not in Nebraska's division. Thus it's not a yearly matchup.

  9. That’s kind of why I’m frustrated with the conference for not just adding Washington, Oregon, and Stanford right now regardless of Notre Dame’s decision. If Notre Dame declines, get Arizona.

  10. I agree my BigTen brother, except maybe Colorado instead of Arizona?

  11. Did he have control and stay on the base?

  12. Michigan’s recruiting is suffering because Harbaugh’s ego couldn’t stop flirting with the NFL. It took him his entire 7+ years at Michigan to beat Ohio State and reach the CFP and it should have led us to the best recruiting class in years.

  13. Yes, N.D. and Stanford after them

  14. ND will never join the big ten as long as swarbick is around.

  15. I dislike just about everything about this. In a vacuum, the intent is right -- focus on paying the current players well -- but we're not in a vacuum, and that's not what the current state of CFB is dictating.

  16. Removed because not a link and not a self post

  17. When they get to 20 schools it will be

  18. ACC is taking out divisions and is implementing 3 permanent matchups every year and the other 5 games will be rotating teams yearly. I’m guessing the B1G may adopt something similar with this addition.

  19. Wait. You want a 10pm kickoff? Fuck I’m getting old. Hard pass for me.

  20. Start your tailgate at 8am as usual for a noon kickoff.

  21. We also don’t have A&M’s bags or Saban’s rings

  22. Yup we just don't leverage it correctly

  23. Yeah you don’t have to be that smart to play college football anywhere to get in a normal student anywhere that’s a different discussion

  24. The portal is different, Admissions F's the transfer athletes just like any normal student trying to transfer in.

  25. This would be my ideal off-season that would be in line with Yzerman’s more conservative approach of the last few years:

  26. You forgot to add, fleece Toronto of Auston Matthews who has 2 years left on his deal

  27. Gotta wonder how Patrick Roy feels right now. Dude walks out on the Avs a couple of weeks before their disastrous 2016-2017 season because he wants more control over personnel decisions and doesn’t get it. Then his literal last minute replacement wins the Cup 6 years later, and in large part due to the player drafted as a result of that awful season he bailed out on.

  28. Good players come to play for great coach.

  29. Clemson baseball has revenues 2.5X of Michigan.

  30. I’m paying the premium not to have to maintain a stocked bar or mix great drinks, curated by a professional, in a nice relaxing environment. I’m paying a premium not to have to make my own bitters, worry about if my Campari or vermouth has gone bad, or if I want to try a new spirit I’ve never had before buying a $100 bottle of it.

  31. I tried earlier, but OP has a dangerous mindset that: Almost everyone thinks and acts the same way as she does.

  32. I mean, to be frank I don’t really like having to talk with people substantially older than me when we have no interests in common. Don’t really want to hear them complaining about the younger generations, the cost of gas, hear them bragging about their kids and grandkids or whatever. No offense but there’s just not a lot in common between us and I can’t say I’ve learned much from most of them. Maybe others have different experiences and of course there are exceptions, but I certainly struggle to relate to people with drastically different worldviews than I do and I typically don’t really find it that interesting.

  33. One of my good friends is a guy I meet at work when I was 25 and he was 55.

  34. This guy got the only video I’ve seen of how insanely lucky that 4th down catch by JSN was. The game would have been over except for a ridiculous bounce and the TV broadcast never even noticed it.

  35. What time stamp is it in the video?

  36. Men's basketball may pickup the international player from Lebanon

  37. Houston Projected low Second round and Diabate is projected undrafted. Wish diabate would’ve stayed another year

  38. Spoiler alert, these projects very wrong

  39. 150+ days to go until opening tip

  40. They invented a non existent problem and found the most insane way to solve it, then said it was worth something. It is the biggest and most damaging grift of all time.

  41. Yeah that's the norm, but you could be in the worst seat in the whole stadium and if someone comes and claims their seat then you gotta move. But yeah it's less likely to happen if you're in the upper seats. Also, if you get kicked from a seat after the game starts then you're screwed because every single seat is gone. Until halftime at least.

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