1. There isn’t a Ganondorf in SS, though. The Main enemy is Demise who in turn curses the blood of the goddess and spirit of the hero to be forever locked in battle over domination. Ganondorf is the direct incarnation of Demise’s hatred towards those that carry the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero. It’s also very clearly stated that yes, he does reincarnate. Twilight Princess’ Ganondorf legitimately dies and is reincarnated in Four Swords Adventures as Ganon, only to be sealed away inside the sword. The only titles to date that Ganondorf appears in are OoT, Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. His beast form, Ganon, appears in multitudes of other games though. Ganondorf’s body isn’t immortal, his essence or spirit is. Same can be said for Link, but not Zelda as implied by the terms of the curse. It’s her bloodline he cursed, not her spirit.

  2. I know you are more likely to get better rewards if you are using a Zelda universe Amiibo. But just like BOTW, if you use a generic non-Zelda amiibo, the reward is minuscule at best.

  3. Hmm, maybe that's it then. Though I could have sworn I had this impression before I got Hypers/IIIs...🤔 But could just be misremembering, or I maybe I was mistakenly comparing a lower tier Deadeye to a higher tier Hunting Rifle before I was aware of tiers...

  4. Takaki Kanbayashi also known as Mogami Sei with the group Datsuryoku Knekyuukai.

  5. An original Star Raiders pad controller. Those are rather rare, these days.

  6. They are super rare - that was a click on overlay card as the controller was intended for other games and uses. It just never got them.

  7. If you combine Headshot/weakpoint damage with the BOOM! Headshot perk, you get quite a boost. Also, there is a perk (Armor Master) that doubles any built-in bonus of armor. That armor bonus will stack with the Scanner perk. Combine all of these and you can easily do 5000+ damage with a headshot, plus spillover damage to nearby targets that can be outright kills on their own.

  8. To be in full sneak mode, you have to crouch, especially if you're gonna pick pockets....

  9. You need to give us more info. Genre is a start. Number of episodes can narrow things down further. Can you handle ecchi/fanservice? How much violence? Bloodshed? War? Horror? Fantasy? Science Fiction? Drama? Comedy? RomCom? Superhero? JRPG-styled stories?

  10. i can handle violence and bloodshed and such and i like nearly everything you mentioned but im not so interested in romances or comedies or anything that comes across as childish. im really interested in finding something with a good plot that draws me in and maybe has some twists

  11. I mean foe the DLC. Can you download the DLC to multiple Switch systems? Isn't locked to your primary?

  12. You can have more than one Switch on your account. I have three, 2 standard and 1 Lite. ALL DLC is downloadable on every unit. Carts make game swapping an issue, but, because I bought the cart with my first console, I saw no reason to ever get the digital, which costs the same amount.

  13. not worth it, just support Beedle’s business, he’s a nice guy

  14. Amiibo also give special arrows, weapons, armor, food, and sometimes Rupees. Excess armor can be sold. You can get a deck of 24 NFC cards (a complete Amiibo set) for less than $20. You can use Amiibo as soon as you complete your first Shrine.

  15. If you get the cards and plan ahead, you can leave the Plateau with some decent weapons and armor and have a ton of extras you can sell for quick cash. I did it. Even had some decent bows and hundreds of arrows of all types except Ancient ones. Interestingly, the Guardian drops Ancient parts, weapons, and shields. The Ganondorf card can drop monster parts. If clear your first Divine Beast, some cards will give you special helmets. The various Link cards can give pieces of classic armors; variations of the traditional green suit, all of which can be upgraded, and it is the ONLY way to get them. Zelda cards often drop good bows. One particular Link card can drop a Hero Shield, which is the second best in the game. Other exotic weapons like the Sword of the Six Sages, Biggoron Sword, Twilight Bow and the classic Sword can only be gotten from cards/Amiibo.

  16. Thanks so much for this list i literally only seen 3 of these it’s so much I don’t know

  17. I've seen over 1000 anime. If you can handle other genres, let me know. I kept fantasy isekai to a minimum, so let me know if you're interested in that stuff, too.

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