1. hey do you know what the width of a contact means for spaa radar? strength? altitude? speed?

  2. How I interpret it is this: Your RADAR detects objects in a cone away from you, so the width is a certain angle with you in the center of the circle and everything inside the cone can be detected on the screen.

  3. It literally says " ferret bomber decal" how is that an otter ??

  4. Yes. let's make fun of people with an IQ far down the bell curve. Very great job posting this.

  5. Bitch make a proper screenshot. You zoomer trash this sub with your dumb ass phone shots

  6. Wolfman is a fucking asshole. Super homophobic POS with a god complex. Critique his favourite brand of dictator and you get banned for made up reasons.

  7. I'm about halfway through the tree, but I have no regrets about buying the prems. Through about 18 hours I've gotten every single tank from tier IV and below. Saving myself a lot of headache as I didn't even buy these with my money

  8. Now tell me the mental gymnastics necessary for the "didn't even buy these with my money"

  9. Grinder events, sold the vehicles, bought with GJN

  10. Just lost my third match in a row, I hate these things in the field

  11. Your flair says you're a germany main, how do you get hit by a Sturmtiger?

  12. The spam, half my team plays them and dies very quickly, then leaves to go play it again.

  13. Tf are you talking about I started at the age of 10 when this game first came out

  14. I have no idea how to beat this. I've got some nice team communication going focusing on AT guns instead of using the StuTi but we still loose every round.

  15. omw to get the only remaining Phantom I haven't flown yet and I don't want to deal with 10 more copy pastes

  16. Swedish T 80U only has 3BM42 while the T-80UK has 3BM46.

  17. Well yes, my country has been in one since 2008 since goverments never bothered to work to recover from it so... I've been on the side of having to watch closely every single spent cent, it's just this last couple years where things started to get stable for me, but I know where priorities are and should be, spending a bit for enjoyment every once in a while is a good thing, because the other solution well... Let's say is not really that good :)

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