1. If the police had just let ol’ Condradt on his way.....we might be still talking about a relevant show

  2. Possibly not. The last televised sting they did was Bowling Green, KY and they acknowledged that it was the least amount of people they busted. They only got 7 people. Everyone was catching on by then and since a lot of these people were just horny losers desperately trying to get laid instead of the formal definition of predators, a lot of them got scared off. Also, social media was taking off by 2007 and less people were using things like Yahoo Chat.

  3. true true. however not being able to adapt to the times is not Datelines fault, it’s almost entirely on PJ. Tetrad caught plenty of men in 2015, look at yters like Tuv’s videos on KiK or Discord. predators are still out there in 2023 social media and I’m willing to bet many of them would meet, even if TCAP still ran.

  4. She's also the reason people are weirdly obsessed with lutzes. It's one jump out of 6 and only a small part of a program. I swear people talk like the lutz entry edge is the most important determinant of a skater's technical ability.

  5. didn’t she also invent the term “full blade assist”? and isn’t it actually a myth?

  6. I don’t get how anyone other than those who bathe in their own hatred can like her videos unironically. She was mean, unnecessarily harsh, and remember she did all that Zhenya hating when she[Zhenya] was A CHILD.

  7. And even CH wasn’t “passed around by older men” she was SA’d by one man, engaged to another(which evidence shows they were indeed in love), and then married to Henry.

  8. I sometimes fight with Russian bots on youtube (always a dumb, useless idea, but whatever) and some of them are so deluded, they believe that figure skating will die without "their girlssss", and refuse to acknowledge the fact that for YEARS, there were no prominent Russian lady skaters. Skating was much more fun and exciting to watch back then. The sanctioned cheating is killing the sport, turning it into a horror show, and giving young people very little reason to pursue the sport. It has become as rigged as reality TV.

  9. Mine is that I don’t really find any of the commentary channels funny. The footage speaks for itself, I feel. I don’t need someone pausing the video every fifteen seconds for their input.

  10. what about Dave’s Lemonade? Kinda a jcs for tcap and he does chat analysis too

  11. Walls particularly is atrocious and I look down on anyone who finds him funny

  12. I enjoy some videos but man I want to actually hear the episode, his constant pausing every 3 seconds gets old fast

  13. now I knew Levy worked hard but Levi must be the true mastermind bts

  14. I think the worst part is how Magnus’s name is spelled incorrectly every time lmao

  15. Mine would either be Dustin, or that one guy who was blurred out in TCAP. Both PoS used a disability to get away with what they were doing.

  16. The schizophrenic? I always laugh when he says “and gonna put him on tv and say “”here’s a pedophile!”. It’s comedy gold to me for some reason

  17. No one has done quad-euler-quad in competitions either, which is pretty much 20 BV as well.

  18. didn’t Ilia train them last summer? I wonder if he’ll put them in his programs one day

  19. Maybe they did in private. It's hilarious though how people are so up in arms about this. Yet when the state sponsored doping program in Russia (a program that people live in witness protection in order to expose) keeps going strong and brings us new results of drug trials on children to admire very few go "oh they're breaking the rules". Also many people seem more revolted about this then about Eteri's abuse. Get over it people. Seriously grow tf up. A pick for a quad damages the ice more than this. If Nastya had a probram with this she should've reported it.

  20. why are y’all so mad at these people yet suck up to the catfishes?

  21. Because the catfish make entertainment at the cost of Lorne's sanity (what's left of it).

  22. oh right he’s under ET now. is morisi still there? Is he at Euros?

  23. damn that sucks. I really enjoy both of them. hope they find some better coaches 😔

  24. In a shady scam ad, he calls himself, "10 Time Emmy Winner", possibly a reference to his famous To Catch A Predator series.

  25. Too lazy to google it but there’s zero chance.

  26. Ok looked it up, apparently not 10 but 8. which is still like holy shit that’s a fuckton of emmys

  27. I love her because 1, she's cute and 2, she has great technique (DOUBLE AXEL DOUBLE AXEL) but I am not too fond of her artistry that much

  28. Rafael lives in the USA, you're just reaching 🙄

  29. You're grasping at straws. Rafael is Armenian, btw.

  30. I stand corrected. But there are plenty of Russian coaches in America.

  31. Yeah I can't think of any of the companies that advertise on his shows that are shady. I mean there's been a few one-off advertisers, but I think he does his research on whether the advertisers are shady.

  32. Has he not done anything for established titles? IIRC there was a post about it on this sub. but maybe I’m misremembering

  33. That too - he also actually cares about which sponsors he accepts, which is nice.

  34. I wouldn’t say that....some of those companies have been shady af

  35. No, but a dlc of Connor and Hank solving crimes would be a perfect addition imo. And if DBH 2 is a must then I would like to see how the afterwards of the revolution would play out (preferably the violent revolution), but this would unfortunately only give us further stories on Connor and Marcus since i don't see how Kara can take part in such a sequel.

  36. Wouldn’t that be retconning Connors character since IIRC he was only built to hunt deviants?

  37. I would love to see a dlc of Markus as a politician, trying to navigate the naysayers and n&j. and yknow a kamski prequel would always be cool. but DBH 2? No

  38. I actually really like Matthew Santoro, I even subscribed to his twitch back in 2021 I believe.

  39. DBH couldn’t be made into a movie. Ever. There’s too much variety in little choices unless you made 1000 different movies where Markus walks a certain way in one and Connor has a bit of different dialogue in another.

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