1. As an FN/D I would wear that black outfit, seems pretty FN to me. FG is possible at that height, but not very likely

  2. Ultimate Pianist, but if we could choose one that doesn’t exist I would be Ultimate Chess Player(I’m coming for you Magnus!)

  3. there's someone with a giant "let's go brandon" flag attached to the front of their house nearby. every time I drive by it for work, it really brightens my day and makes me audibly laugh out loud to see something so fucking stupid; a good laugh is a good way to start the day!

  4. It’s a funny joke though. And it’s not like Biden is a good pres anyway

  5. Biden is a joke, for sure. The whole "brandon" thing just reminds me of annoying kids in a school yard attempting to be sneaky while very obviously trying to insult someone lol

  6. Srs - I think the strongest arguments for it being cult-like are:

  7. You’re reading way too much into it. And this is coming from someone who called Reddit Kibbe a cult about a month ago.

  8. Anya in that floaty pink dress 💖 even if it’s not “her lines” she still looks amazing

  9. I wish that no seriously posts would be allowed unless they were commentary on the Kibbe community, not just serious Kibbe questions.

  10. I agree. I like the former, but this is a circlejerk sub and the latter doesn’t fit!

  11. To be fair she's very thin and has had quite a bit of work done, including a speculated buccal fat removal. Not saying she's not a D but she isn't naturally as sharp or angular as she's made herself look.

  12. Quite a bit? An eyebrow lift, maybe a very very subtle nose job, and a bit of lip filler, but that’s hardly anything.

  13. I don’t think she’s FG, that first dress makes me think TR instead but SG might work

  14. I’m getting notifications of people commenting but I can’t see the comments what’s going onnn😫

  15. I don’t think there are male height limits, besides like I’m sure Shaq couldn’t be R because he’s 7’2, extreme stuff like that, kinda surprised me seeing he’s 6’2 because he didn’t really look that tall on his own until he’s next to someone lol. I think DC for him as well. We need more male Celebs(I’m trying to get all my male celebs discussed on!)

  16. TR and D are pretty wildly different so SN doesn’t seem that out of the blue.

  17. Considering some D celebs were thought to be TR and some TRs were thought to be D by reddit I wouldn’t doubt it anymore than SN.

  18. And I do wonder, I wonder how much essence (really) matters. I mean obviously someone like Audrey or Twiggy couldn’t be anything other than FG, and Princess Grace Kelly couldn’t be anything other than SC, because that’s just their essence. I could list the definites of essence of each type, like Keira Knightly as D or Goldie Hawn as SN, or Judy Garland as SG. Essence seems biased, as impressions naturally are. Is essence something to figure out, like your type, or is it something that comes after it. Like “you’re an SD so your essence is charismatic and bold” or “my essence seems very dreamspinner, and my type seems to be R” Questions to ponder

  19. No, at 5’7 is where you only have three IDs. Kibbe has said verbatim that he has never seen a 5’7 DC, I made a post about it a few days ago.

  20. Wait I heard a story that Kibbe saw Jackie Kennedy from afar or something and that’s why the height limit is 5’7, any truth to that story?

  21. Coming back after a second to think NO ESSENCE. Omg it’s stupid as hell

  22. It's currently 4:51 AM. Going through the exact same thing. I feel terrible but I feel like i can't walk back to my room (im in my kitchen). It doesnt happen all the time, but it fucking sucks so much :((((((

  23. Oh wait seriously? There’s no height limit for FG? Wow I’m shocked. Time to question whether or not I’m an FG after all

  24. Thank you 🙏. I doubted it to be legit but Kibbe has been known to change his ideas so....

  25. As a dark winter FN(possibly maybe) who lives in business casual and techwear I pretty much hit the jackpot

  26. Loose so it accommodates width(which I may have) and it’s usually dark colors like black and navy which are good colors for winters

  27. She looks quite petite, with some elongation in there. Fg would be my guess

  28. Looks like soft cotton and bootcut I believe? I hear there’re nice for SD

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