1. She shared the news as soon as they found out themselves. This is so medically complex and I think no doctor would wait for 10 weeks giving her an ultrasound all things considered. So she's like, early early. I actively dislike her, she's not a good person and this doesn't seem like a good decision. She has so many medical needs, how does bringing a child into the world with your caregiver/boyfriend of less than a year make any sense..

  2. My thoughts exactly!! Way to early for a baby, I understand accidents happen BUT her boyfriend has been playing caregiver and eventually with a baby that will be too much im sure

  3. Dawna 🧼 should be so proud of her cutesy smarty pants daughter

  4. Newborn stage is the easy part, all they do is sleep. With my newborn I want him to wake up

  5. That would be two dinners for my family. I always buy meat packs like that and split it up. A family of 2 (her and gabe) that should be 4 dinners 🙄

  6. I’m a mom to two boys, one is a newborn, and I also run my own small business 🥰 I mainly come on here when I’m feeding the baby since he’s breastfed and when I’m going to the bathroom. I need reading materials. But according to Drue I have no life.

  7. I would pay so much money just to seriously fart in her mouth. Like her stupidity and obliviousness just irks me 😂

  8. Because neither of them have actual life skills nor common sense.

  9. The way he looks at her mouth tells me his wiener has never been in it

  10. I hate that so much! “Women have been doing this for thousands of years” Okay yeah but mortality rates of mom and baby were also very high back then. So many unpredictable things can happen.

  11. "They" are not paying the price; her parents are. Kobe can't work yet and Emooly will stay pregnant and breast-feeding as long as possible to keep from having to get a job. No, her dad will have to support the 4 of them indefinitely because he and his wife created the spoiled brat by never saying no.

  12. I’m sorry but being pregnant and breast feeding isn’t an excuse not to work. It comes down to laziness and excuses

  13. How many women have worked and breast fed and more? It's insulting. Her behavior is ridiculous and insulting.

  14. I agree 110% with my first I had no choice but to work and pick up shifts on my days off because I was alone and had no support. I was my only support system, and seeing her act so entitled and spoiled just blows my mind tbh. That girl has a whole ass personality of being insulting and spoiled.

  15. Tbh, maybe baby Fern’s “issues” she’s claiming he had, was due to his cord being around his neck and not breathing right away like she claimed happened. I think it’s very wrong as a mom to sit and say one baby is doing better than the other considering every child is different.

  16. I feel like he wanted to cry cause it hurted the whole time 😂 his faces in the video say so.

  17. If that’s the lengths you would go to defend a racist on the internet then it seems that you could be a little more obsessed with her than we are 😂

  18. LOL undercover cop. Lenny please go pay your taxes and get off Reddit 💀

  19. That’s literal black face without paint to see his actual face, disgusting.

  20. That’s some tweeker shit she commented 😂 I believe life is out there for sure but not to the point of alien takeover 😂

  21. Him saying accusations like it was made up and didn’t really happen. I like how the ass kissing fans keep saying “idk why people are so obsessed with the past” like if their favorite celebrity had a video or post pop up of them saying something wrong they wouldn’t be offended. 🙄

  22. She looks like the sweetest and kindest baby 🥹 my pitty was a rescue too and he did have BAD trauma from being abused but he was the best dog I ever had.

  23. That is disrespectful to Elton John 😂 Dawna dish soap looks like a doodlebop

  24. Supporting a political party or leader doesn’t make you a racist by default. Even if she is a MAGA supporter, she can still be a BLM supporter…

  25. Thank you for that! Because same. Just because someone supports a political party, or whatever doesn’t make them a racist. Many races support MAGA not just white racists 🤦‍♀️ I highly think politics are highly not understood and people watch these media outlets painting portraits of the negativity and run with it. Honestly embarrassing to speak out being uneducated.

  26. Charming cheetah definitely did it for more $ not that they actually don’t agree with Drue or her family. They still follow her on platforms they use. I think unfollowing is a easy fix tbh

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