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  1. You get confused between the ‘I like you :)’ social cues and the ‘fuck me’ social cues and honestly I do as well except I would communicate with them and with any luck my friends would know how I function and if they want to rail me they’ll tell me

  2. That's not the opposite, I think. I just think that's the same, but you already have the friends

  3. Lmao no I don’t they just tolerated me and eventually rejected me and bullied me and there was just one guy left and even he was mean and left me behind for other people and I cut all of them out of my life permanently as soon as summer began and I haven’t spoken to a single person my age in two months I swear to god if I don’t get proper, genuine, supportive friends in sixth form I’m gonna be so pissed

  4. ‘It happens wayyy too frequently’ this person has never had sex with anyone

  5. welp. im 172 cm tall, 109kg, pretty blue bair (natural is brown) and blue eyes. Size 43eu feet and very wide hips and genetics that put all the fat in the ass and thighs, so can't button Hawaiian shirts all the way down properly and men's pants never fit :(

  6. Well back when I was a boy (🤢) I’d say, at least to get me into you, just treat me with a lot of kindness and appreciation and actually listen to me and pat my hand and stuff and then ask me out

  7. I hate England so much I want to see it crumble with my own eyes. Also that's the union jack (represents the UK, not England)

  8. Food prices going up is actally a good thing because that makes fat brits fast. /s

  9. ‘There are no observable differences in brain structure that we have seen yet between races, and if there are there have never been cases of a white person having a black brain. There are several differences between the brain structures of men and women and we have seen thousands of cases of a man with a woman brain’

  10. It’s actually extremely easy to tell. You see, ‘telepathic rape’ actually isn’t a real thing :0

  11. thank you. :) i thank gay allah for ice cream and video games

  12. I think a genderless society implies that a trans person’s struggle to be seen as the gender they are is useless

  13. The goal is not to be genderless, the goal is to have no limits to gender

  14. Disclaimer Please don’t do this

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