1. I'd like this to happen just to see the world burn. Swiss Hunter drama (tho deserved) would look like it never happened in comparison.

  2. But why? Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union, which is the ingame name of the Russian faction.

  3. Technically, Raiden didn't commit mass murder as she never directly participated in the war. You can give her attempted murder on the Traveler though.

  4. You know that Jews were confined in concentration camps, where they were forced into slavery and then killed, right? That's what genocide is, they weren't just dying in battles. War and mass murder are not the same things.

  5. This is a Russian vehicle in service in the Swedish armed forces ;)

  6. No, the Mi 28A is a version unique to the Swedish tech tree. The Russian Mi28NM is 11.0.

  7. You're a special kind of dense, aren't you ?

  8. How many times have you seen this posted from any other nations side? Very very few right?

  9. I just don't think she's a woman really. It must be a dude that knows claiming to be a girl on the Internet will attract lots of attention.

  10. The enviroment would flip it's shit so no.

  11. because none of elon's ideas should even be considered

  12. Maybe you haven't encountered anyone with any fictional skins?

  13. Yeah, my squadmate got one of those new Esport skins. I still couldn't see it.

  14. Don't you know that the US has the divine right to invade every country on earth? All the brown skinned inferior people need to bow down before the Western might.

  15. There's a vid out there of cockpit footage from a Russian Su-25 pilot who was doing low level strikes. MANPAD hit him once in the rear of the fusslage and cut his tail right off. Lost control and ejected.

  16. Misleading - you make it seem like it happens in all western countries. It does not happen in most. Cite a source that gives us any western country where this happens just so people know what you are referring to. No one is surprised when it is Venezuela, Hungary, Turkey


  18. It’s kind of crazy to see how close we are to a possible conflict. Like a razors edge lol It just takes one drunk Russian pilot pressing the wrong button

  19. Lol, Ukraine bombed a Nato country. Nothing happened. I think it will take more than a drunk pilot to start a war.

  20. They're separate updates, but they're editing new stuff into the changelog rather than adding new changelogs. Mostly; I think they've forgotten to add the stuff from the most recent update. And the changelog edits aren't dated so you can't see when they happened.

  21. The US will never allow it. They get their power by pitting countries against each other and propping up their own government.

  22. The US will never allow it. They get their power by pitting countries against each other and propping up their own government.

  23. There's a lot of interesting information here. Many people appointed out the United States, and Russian, and China are not a surprise, but it's shocking in general how much of Asia in general hasn't signed it.

  24. I guess since Russia went mask off, the devs don't care about combatting abuse

  25. Now raise the BR of the Su-25 and A-6 and you got something good!

  26. All of our modern examples of communism in practice have dictators, though I'm not sure if that fits the definition of actual communism. I just felt like there were two answers that fit the criteria of having a dictator and for that reason, I'm out.

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