1. the comedic CHARACTER paris implemented made her millions of dollars, yes.

  2. You’re the first person I’ve heard of that has put Paris Hilton and comedy in the same sentence

  3. have you seen the documentary about her? or her interviews where she uses her ‘real voice’? shit is wild.

  4. What do you mean no one laughed?? She had us in the control room cracking up all show,

  5. I found this video super triggering as someone who went no contact about 4 years ago with a violent father. I hope that Joe’s father has changed, but this video is telling me otherwise. This seems like the unhinged shit my father would do. If my father did this, I would take it as a hint that maybe I shouldn’t contact him for a bit longer and maybe he hasn’t changed. The best thing to do if your child has gone NC with you, in my opinion, is leave them the fuck alone and have patience and humility and really work on yourself. You will have way better chances of reconnecting if you’re not harassing them and showing why you can’t be trusted (again).

  6. I want to clarify to people who don’t know much about Rogan, this is his dad but he was raised by a step-dad who he loves and considers his real father figure. So no real reason to contact this dude ever again.

  7. It gave me a six pack, yeah, a six pack of rashes. I tried to clean them off but can nay gitter done.

  8. her teeth have actually been straight for months but keem won't let her get her braces taken off

  9. I know this is a joke, but I’ve been wondering when the hell she’s gonna get that shit off it’s been years

  10. I keep hearing poly relationships be defended online as a perfectly healthy sexual choice, which I am all for, but in real life where I have known at least 6 people who have experimented with multiple partners and it has literally never ended well. Could always be simple confirmation bias, of course

  11. Fuck if I know anymore. These guys this year are like Jekyll and Hyde. I’d be happy with 4-3 and think they could possibly do 5-2. But I just can’t tell anymore which would be the likely wins and which the likely losses.

  12. Whatever, you can try to frame the narrative any way you want it’s still really fucked up. Not sure why you’re choosing this hill to die on. Whatever way you say it it’s still sexual harassment and worth taking just as seriously as rape. Not listening to a bunch of borderline incels explain why sexual harassment is technically not as bad as assault Y’all can go fuck yourselves

  13. They should go for 200k next time, 100k is kinda a weak number ngl, show averages nearly a million views

  14. Maybe is the mods had the tiniest bit of logic and pinned a link to vote, it would’ve gotten more traction 🤔

  15. There's no way this doesn't already exist. I'm pretty sure I've seen some of the Hasan | Ethan ones already.

  16. This is what a healthy conflict looks like. Just because someone apologizes to you does not mean you have to instantly forgive them, no matter how sincere their apology was. You're still allowed to be hurt and process the violation of your boundary in a the time and manner that suits you. I hope QT and Ethan patch it up and eventually collab, but it's QT's right to not do that or to allow time for things to patch up. WT and Wethan for apologizing.

  17. Some of the second half of your comment is kinda weird to me. But I wanted to add on to your comment and say that QT is also dealing with tons of stuff right now unrelated to Ethan. The drama is just too much right now and is way too focused on Ethan

  18. Ethan is such an idiot… Making a stupid joke when she was expressing how violated she felt about her image being used in that way without her consent is such a slap in the face to current and future victims of deep fake porn…most who will be women… I really wanted Sam to say something.

  19. Happy you’re here! Unless you say something dumb then I will forever remember this post

  20. I think it would be good for them to do a segment that’s actually planned out, not about this situation specifically but about deepfake porn. Then we can let this one bad joke BUHIND and hopefully some better discourse among fans.

  21. Uh I saw that thread and the person you were responding to was not applauding her.. they made an observation just like you did and all they said is that she looked pissed. Lmao

  22. That entire thread (and many others) were all about how Love and Sam were the only respectable ones on the crew for being “angry”. Lmao.

  23. But contrary to what you said, the specific person you responded to wasn’t applauding anyone and I think you know that lol

  24. Did not know that, I don’t deeply contemplate my comments after posting. Now after looking back at my comment, I guess I should’ve responded to the other dozens and dozens of comments in that thread applauding her for being pissed, and not the one that said “she looked pissed”. I’m deeply sorry to you and everyone in this sub.

  25. Sam’s reaction was straight up terrifying she looked genuinely pissed.

  26. Neither of us actually know, we’re both just making assumptions but sure go off.

  27. One creates drama from thin air and one isn’t Parasocial speculation, but sure go off

  28. Yeah I also find the entire dynamic so crazy. I love the show and crew and for the most part, I’m able to laugh at his mistakes like the whole “bomb the NRA” and “Vatican city” things. But I’m really curious as to how some of the crew feels about this pattern of behavior. I know they’re all friends, but it kind of amazes me how much Ethan has gotten away with when his actions affect all of them as well. And it feels like they have the same conversation every week but nothing changes.

  29. Eh but I don’t think anything that people have gotten mad about recently was as bad as this. Just for an example, the most controversial post on this sub of all time is the podcast discussion about Will smith and Chris rock. I meannn…

  30. Oh absolutely! I didn’t mean to imply that they’re at the same level at all. This is not a “mistake” I’m laughing at. I think Ethan fucked up big time on this one and it’s not funny to me.

  31. They seem very loyal to him but there is definitely arguing and anger behind the scenes. I do hope the crew feels like they can have open conversations with him off air, which I think is the case

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