1. the only problem with onewheels is overconfidence and not understanding how it works. it’s not hard if you’re not an idiot about it. don’t lean forwards (shift weight with your hips), don’t accelerate too quickly, and keep your knees bent. i ride mine aggressively and haven’t had a single bad fall on asphalt. zero nosedives. i’ve had it since march and have almost 1k miles on it. it’s definitely dangerous but the dangers are sooo overstated by people who ride like morons

  2. Had my XR fling itself into the ocean (wet sand on foot pad) and was submerged for maybe 2 minutes as I fanatically swam after it. Used it the rest of the day and many miles since without skipping a beat! Things a beast

  3. Great car! Looks good too! We have 2 of these (1997s) and the are tough. One has over 300k miles - some towing, some off road, 2 teen drivers, and an old guy with a heavy foot- . It’s on 2nd motor and I keep thinking it will have a catastrophic failure at some point really soon. I have even stopped using synthetic oil in it not wanting to pay for leaking oil all the time and have just changed expensive oil when it gives out for good. I guess you could say it’s on hospice. Plan is to drive it to scrap yard on the last 10 miles it has in it…… waiting, waiting, waiting…. I wish you 100k more happy miles in your beast!

  4. Thank you! I absolutely love it! I plan on replacing the engine when it does go, the body is in great condition still and I’ve replaced almost everything that can be replaced.

  5. Mint! That’s one of the things people alway comment about when they get it. The interior is in fantastic shape

  6. I have a 97 too, yours looks to be in great shape! How many miles ??

  7. How do you end up for just snow on the road in one spot? Is there a snow machine in the woods that throws snow out right there?

  8. Up in the mountains, shaded in the right spot by the trees. I was just as confused as you are

  9. I ride the piss out of my XR on the beach, fully submerged, sand all over everywhere, and I haven’t had a problem in 2 years. Fingers crossed

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