1. Cancelled? For future boxes? Or will you try and get your money back for this one?

  2. They won't give me my money back for sending me all the worst choices for me lol I wish. I cancelled moving forward. I never got my GBP, and my last GBX arrived damaged and they lost the replacement. I'm burned out.

  3. Yep, this is the first X where I didn't buy any addons. They offered a Charlotte Tilbury foundation, but in a shade that's way too dark.

  4. 3N. I'm always the fairest cool shade in any line, so that's 2-3 shades too dark (can't remember if they have a 0C).

  5. That’s exactly what I was referencing haha she’s so smart

  6. I’ll swatch a couple of my cushions when I have a moment. I break out from missha but I’ve been happy with rom&nd and moonshot

  7. This wake heart business is a true FTC violation. It takes no time to fill out that form. It is a shame to not do it since it all piles up and subs have to be on their radar. It is illegal. People need to include the FTC itemized list in their emails. They’ll get their money back.

  8. The one where they advertised full size perfumes and then bait/switched them out for deluxe samples?

  9. Ohhhh I vaguely remember seeing something about that. I didn't order those.

  10. I think they're usually the same thing. I also see cool listed as beige in some brands.

  11. I honestly considered staying only for the Supergoop but I got the Murad SPF last month and no way would the ipsy gods bless me with two sunscreens in a row. Somebody enjoy theirs for me, I love that unreasonably expensive shit

  12. I collect sunscreen like crazy. And I work graveyard shift, so I almost never even see the light of day 🤡

  13. It is a deal to me. Just because you and others don't care, doesn't mean I don't. I haven't gotten anything from them for a few months. I've commented on their stuff and whatnot asking and have been ignored. It is also unusual to not have the reveal. The point of this post wasn't about that though.

  14. Mild overreaction right here, the poster was asking a question not making a judgment.

  15. I'm not familiar with the line, and it's hard to tell from one photo, but you're running just slightly dark as well as too warm - there's a slight line of demarcation at your neck that shows up even if you make the picture black and white. You might try color mixers to get it perfect.

  16. From this doesn’t it sort of looks like the shades go:

  17. Each brand will be a little different, and a lot of newer brands are now labeling between cool, neutral and warm (but not all brands or new releases).

  18. The Signature is my best match ever, but I work graveyard shift so I really don't need sunscreen in mine. Plus, the wear isn't the greatest. I'd love a dupe of that. The red tube one has more sunscreen and is too yellow for me!

  19. Nah, blue and purple are not interchangeable. But that doesn't mean this lavender one won't do what you need it to do.

  20. All of the above! I have cool muted undertones, and I use both blue and lavender quite a bit. Blue to reduce orange tones, lavender to reduce yellow. Blue added to a yellow based foundation will turn it more of an olive shade.

  21. The only thing I bought was the beautyblender foundation in the fair shade (they rarely have anything in my shade that's full size) but that's still up. Passed on the Wakeheart.

  22. Check the date on your bottle when it comes...they have been trying to unload that foundation for over a year now.

  23. They haven't had that shade in I don't even know how long. Anyway I have foundations that are practically antique and I still use them 😅

  24. Ole Henriksen, but I e only seen it once, the blue toner which is great but am addicted to orange products. Mamonade rose water petal spa oil to foam cleanser, YC connections almond and honey translucent powder (but their lip gloss looking blush in papaya is hideous on me;by Terry (powder), belle en Argent’s brow product (I hate them but this made me a believer even though mine are naturally jet black.)

  25. The By Terry powder has become my HG since it's really comparable to the MUFE one, and I can get it so much cheaper.

  26. I don't see the PUR mineral powder foundation get mentioned often and it's far and away the best powder foundation I've ever used. I definitely prefer it over the ones from Bare Minerals and MAC. I get the minis when I see my shade offered in the sales because they're great to keep in your purse for touch ups.

  27. I love powder foundations, I'd love to try this if it ever appears in my shade!

  28. It's a yes for me. I'm way more interested in this one than I was the last few. I loved the Ta and Halsey ones, but the rest I either wasn't interested in or were just meh. This one looks much better.

  29. I want the briogeo, candle, glow recipe and truly ( I know the brand is sketchy but I’m like a raccoon and it’s pretty 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣)

  30. Super sketchy lol but I got a small body butter from them via Boxycharm and it's incredibly thick, it's great in my legs after shaving!

  31. I think you are thinking of amnh (them and truly have the exact same products even down to the label). We got a truly lip balm and an amnh unicorn lotion. I didn’t get the lotion I don’t know that I’ll even use it but I will put it on my shelf to look pretty and live its best life looking pretty 😂

  32. Yeah I think it's the same product different name lol. Sketchy AF but I loved the stuff 😅

  33. Super happy that I got the Murad moisturizer, Item lilac and blue mascara/treatment, Skylar Coconut Cove rollerball perfume, Dermalect serum, and Context matte lipstick in Tears Are Falling (the points redemption item)… but I’m missing the Ettitude Waffle Hair towel!!! 🤦‍♀️ so close to being a perfect Ipsy bag delivery… SO… CLOSE…

  34. Does that Deremelect serum smell like maple syrup like the acid treatment one by them that Ipsy had?

  35. No, but their other serum is infamously strong smelling (and I like it) so I was curious.

  36. This looks like the best gbx yet imo. Lots of high end brands and a lot of HG products in here. I love that Huda lip balm, I just ordered my 4th tube of it this morning. Glow Recipe Dew Drops are HG status for me. That One Size powder foundation has really great reviews. Plus Bobbi Brown, Pat McGrath, Danessa Myricks, ColorWow, Truly and a Benefit mascara....I'm definitely getting this one!

  37. Same! I have 5 of the Glow Recipe but it's my HG and I want more 😅

  38. I'd like to try the elf poreless since that's supposed to be a dupe for the tatcha silk canvas. Also I really hope the Yensa is available in a shade lighter than light neutral since that shade doesn't really work for me. It looks odd against my neck. I do love the bc foundation that I have

  39. It's a nearly exact dupe. I have both and I can't tell the difference.

  40. My fave nude is a sheer gray black, like Lipstick Queen's Black Lace Rabbit. It doesn't add any color, and darkens your lips a few shades. Pretty foolproof!

  41. I am a muted olive-ish, and I suspect I am a cool olive (my green tinge leans blue, not yellow)

  42. Yep. I'm a very muted cool pink and no American foundation suits me quite right without mixing. I do find that Korean and Japanese brands do, and I can even get away with shades that are a little on the warm side because they are so muted. Ditto with blush. I love a good foggy or milky shade Korean blush, it looks better than literally anything I can get here!

  43. Hey, I have a quick question about the blue mixer! It looks pretty dark, but does it actually darken your foundation?

  44. Okay but those blue-green brushes are gorgeous and now I want a set. Off to alibaba I go, I guess!

  45. I like the stuff I've gotten from Ipsy and Trendmood so far, but I'm at risk of getting repeats because of the saturation of the line in beauty boxes. Then again I managed to avoid Item Beauty stuff entirely, soooo.....

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