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  1. So this is anecdotal but I ran the EAC installer as admin Wednesday morning and the option said install instead of repair. Installing it seems to have fixed my disconnect issues. Either that or the potential fix worked for me. I had around 20 disconnects last week. This week I've done 18 raids, 5 Argos, about 30 kunga, about 30 chaos dungeons, and 4 abyss raids with no disconnects. Might be worth checking the EAC installer to see if yours is the same.

  2. i have preemptive strike 3 and heavy armor on my bard and she clears chaos dungeons as fast as a destroyer

  3. Pro tip for bard: use the charm set. Since most of your skills are dots it melts everything, including boss rooms. My fastest boss kill time was under 45 seconds.

  4. There's a short cooldown on getting saves because it used to be exploited to get massive amounts of xp.

  5. How did this get exploited? It seems like you’d need the other team’s help (which would almost never happen).

  6. It was done in private matches. From what I remember, you could get the ball mostly wedged between your car and the inside of the goal post which would make it vibrate back and forth giving a save every time. If it was still possible you could probably max a season pass in a day.

  7. Does it have AIO? no issues with security?

  8. I got stopped at the Calgary airport under suspicion of a bomb with an h80i v2. Got my pc and bags swabbed but that's all that happened. Still made my flight. Flew with that aio probably 50 times total with no other issues except the occasional question. Air cooler is pretty much guaranteed no hassle though.

  9. What is your understanding of the implications of that statement?

  10. I'm not sure if it's a bug or what but you should try host a campaign game and see where it lets you start. I started a recruit run and had a likely connection problem at the end of the 4th level in A1 after reaching the safe room, then continued at the 5th level from my friends lobby until the end of the game. Got all achievements and unlocked all the characters, but the game didn't recognize me as having completed that 4th level so I had no individual progression beyond that level.

  11. It's definitely good, I just think phase 2 and 3 should have been switched. Dodging tentacles and shooting internal weak spots in phase two feels much more like the final stage of the fight than chasing after weakspots on its body as it crawls away.

  12. Assessments will go up, no doubt about that, but what Dask said is correct. Your property value determines your share of the tax burden. Only two things affect what you pay for property tax: the mill rate, and the relative value of your property. If the city budget doesn't change, and the relative value of your property doesn't change, your property taxes won't change, no matter how much the value increases.

  13. TL:DR: you only risk a fine of less than $300 as a consumer, provided you are buying less than 30 g dried equivalent at a time. The risk of getting fined is likely very low.

  14. I posted this on a different thread so I'll just copy it here. These are the main things you need to learn to be successful at this game.

  15. I would probably hold out for a bit as windows 11 is supposed to release in 4 days. Might be a waste of money getting windows 10 now.

  16. Here's a trick I've been using for years and I only get about 1 call per month or less. When you get a call from an unrecognized number, answer it, and immediately put it on mute. Wait for them to hang up. I do this every time and I pretty much never get spam calls anymore. Every once in a while I'll forget and answer the call, and I get a few spam calls over the next few days, but they stop after I resume muting.

  17. I’ve started getting ‘call back’ spam calls as well. First one is a missed call but they call a minute or two later to make it seem real, which of course gets me every time

  18. That's new. I haven't encountered that yet, but maybe since I always answer the first calls they don't try a second time? Thanks for this, though. I'll have to increase my vigilance.

  19. I have about 800 hours in the game and regularly clear cata levels in adventure and CW, and have several main tips I've been giving to my friends that have recently started playing. I'm by no means a pro, but I'm not trash either.

  20. That's the card I just got. When did you preorder? If it was late February you should be in the next batch!

  21. Speaking as someone who only recently got into mining: I did a few days of on and off core mining and made in a few hauls far and away more money in those few days than I’d previously made in all my time in ED.

  22. Subsurface mining at its peak was absolutely overbearing. I was making around 500 million per hour with my cutter. I bet more money was added to the in game economy over those few weeks than over the year or two prior.

  23. Mis and dis give the same meaning right,that it is wrong information

  24. Misinformation is unknowingly spreading false info, disinformation is knowingly spreading false info.

  25. Can someone give some additional detail as to actual mechanics of what happened? I assume that the deep roots helped keep moisture in the ground?

  26. Here's a little more in depth information. Yes, the roots and surface plant cover provide a physical barrier to wind erosion, but there's another important factor at play.

  27. Can't totally blame them since its been well over a year of lockdowns and restrictions. People eventually become fatigued and naturally want to return to their previous lives.

  28. I'm concerned for my freedom to live when dumbasses like this think their personal freedoms trumps everyone else's. They need to grow the fuck up.

  29. Nah, we'll continue to not give a shit about you as always. Leave us alone, don't impose stupid shit on us and people like me will do the same and leave you alone. It's really and truly that simple. Only one side in this is imposing anything on the other.

  30. Incorrect. You clearly don't understand the social contract of living in a society with other people. The only thing that is truly that simple is you.

  31. Yeah, that was my thought... kind of silly to spend on both a desktop and a laptop unless I'm ultra-serious about the gaming.

  32. Yeah it would definitely be pretty silly. Monitors are plug and play so there's no real process to upgrading besides buying it and plugging it in. From what I've seen, that 3060 should be more than enough for gaming unless you want to play AAA titles at both high frame rate and resolution. It'll still kick the crap out of the last gen pro consoles. Sounds like you're set up enough that you should get the laptop and then a docking station so you can have both monitors plugged at the same time. That laptop will easily run all 3 screens for productivity work.

  33. Conveniently... work has provided me with a docking station!

  34. Well you're all set! If you built a desktop more powerful than that laptop you'd need to spend at least $4-500 to get a monitor to really make use of the extra power

  35. Putting this out there, I got my SFFPC with an AIO water-cooler through TSA a couple weeks ago.

  36. Fun story: I got stopped in the Calgary airport in 2019 under suspicion of a bomb due to my AIO (Corsair h80i v2). I had flown with it like 40 times before no problem but this scanner operator got spooked and flagged me. Got all my stuff searched by customs and had to talk to two police officers. Nothing came of it though and I didn't even miss my flight.

  37. So I drove past this accident and my assessment is this: the southbound driver (one that died) was in the left lane, possibly wasn't paying attention, and swerved left to avoid rear ending a vehicle. She drove through the meridian, which was level and looked to only have a few inches of snow, and collided head on with the truck in the photo in the northbound lane. Based on the vehicles it looked to be a pretty high speed collision.

  38. Yeah that's pretty close by. This one was between 108th and Attridge overpasses. Solid guard railings should at least be at the old paved tie-ins.

  39. There are two different answers here depending on what you're looking for. There's pixel resolution and aliasing resolution. Cell phone screens and most tv's now have dense enough pixels (colored dots) that at regular viewing distances you can't make out individual pixels.

  40. It wasn't funny then, either. Let it go. Clothes, shoes, smart watches, and wallet contents are still costly or extremely inconvenient to replace. If they're not in the pool, it's because they don't want to be.

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