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  • By - Qnns

  1. Dude, my therapist advocated for me getting my medical card and asked if I had heard of mushrooms being legalized in Colorado. Drop them and find someone who aligns with you.

  2. That's my exact point lol yet when a black person kills a white person which happens at an alarmingly higher rate, nobody's interested

  3. I stopped listening to this guy because I thought he was a serial killer reliving fantasies lmao it was a few years ago, but I remember genuinely being concerned. Good to know he drank the kool aid and just regurgitates nonsense.

  4. “The idea she has an orgasm implies that she actually is enjoying it”

  5. You conveniently side step the part where I say I would never want someone to be raped. Quite dense my friend.

  6. No, I didn’t. Your 1 sentence doesn’t absolve anything you said. You’re still trying to over explain the intricacies of this meme in your former comment as if it’s some genius level dark humor, and incorrectly make a statement about how orgasms happen. You’re mad people are correcting you instead of actually self reflecting why this meme is a dangerous rhetoric. THAT is quite dense, my friend.

  7. I will say that I’ve met gynecologists who are not like this. Who took great strides in making sure I was comfortable and consenting to all procedures and things were thoroughly explained.

  8. I’m so sorry OP. That trauma is heavy. Ignore people’s callous responses. You have great morals and ethics and should always stand with that.

  9. It’s so frustrating to me when people jump out of their chairs to suggest a very serious mental illness that has multiple criteria to even diagnose when there has been such a lack of communication to begin with. Diagnoses involve coordination. With nurses, doctors, therapists, family members, but most importantly the patient. One person out of this whole family thinking things are off is not selling “schizophrenia” for me and the viewpoint of “the mom and daughter are both suddenly schizophrenic after 10 years without symptoms” is not selling it for me.

  10. lmao i become "suddenly schizophrenic" after 23 years. wanna know why? because that's literally how schizophrenia works. it comes on in mid late 20s and beyond. it is EXTREMELY rare to expirience any symptoms before then.

  11. My guy, I get that. What I’m saying is that the guy needs to talk to his wife. This is a one sided multi paragraph story about how he’s scared for his kids but it doesn’t include critical information for anyone to even make that assumption, nor should he.

  12. My bfs best friend now living in Mexico says this term is nonexistent down there and everyone makes fun of the US for it lmao

  13. I mean yeah, it's a Latino US American phenomen and restricted to American culture in a sense.

  14. ….Yeah. He lived here before moving there and hated it then, too. It’s a progressive term created for them that they don’t align with is my point.

  15. Mr. Rodgers making comments on biology is like PragerU making comments on education. Moot.

  16. Or they might bring their kids to both? I mean, I wouldn’t drop my kid off and leave them alone with any strange organization, I’d be there the whole time lol.

  17. These kid’s parents weren’t absent. They were families within the church. Don’t minimize what they did with a low blow about not enough supervision. These were PRIESTS. But you’re right. If you can’t trust your kid with a priest, who can you trust them with?

  18. Sometimes in the next room waiting for the church service to start.

  19. The episode Evil Lives Here of him is infuriating. My coworkers and I all watched it one day and they did everything wrong for this kid. He was screaming mass shooter before he did it.

  20. Everyone listen to their music on their desktops. Malicious Compliance :)

  21. That's doesn't translate well when the price of a bottle of water here is more than what some people make in a month in other places. We have hungry people. Homeless people.


  23. Started buying zips and don’t get fun containers anymore :( I once got a candy bag. Whole bag smelled like gummies lmao I didn’t complain

  24. Yeah anybody vaxxed here get their tail grown in yet? I was expecting mine with my booster but nothing yet

  25. Understood. But calling someone stupid for not trusting everything that's fed to them by mainstream media is fucked, too. I understand he was grieving, but that doesn't excuse calling people names over something he admitted had nothing to do with his wife's passing.

  26. ...I don't downvote. I believe in free speech, also pro-choice in all matters of life.

  27. Ah, that type. MUH FREE SPEECH- goes on to ask a widow why he didn’t save his wife.

  28. No no no, I never lacked consequences, I just don't care about them. Big difference. Maybe grow a pair an you might be able to go on the internet without getting offended by everything you see.

  29. Steady downvotes on every comment in your history. Looks like everyone thinks you’re an idiot, so I don’t feel so compelled to tell you how much of one you are anymore. Not even your r/ conservative cronies give a fuck about what you’re saying. I’m sad for you now. Must suck to feel so effortlessly unlikable.

  30. You are a worthless POS. How could one let their political view’s cloud the judgment of life?

  31. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. She is a lesson to learn from. When someone in authority with a gun tells you to stop, you stop.

  32. What's his name and what store? Do you have to buy something? That would be hilarious if he was flooded with good surveys.

  33. I am so down for some malicious compliance here. We’d need receipts with survey codes on it I believe.

  34. He can’t understand most of the words you’re posting so he’s really just trying to hang on

  35. My dad was one of those conspiracy theorists. Then he still fell for their covidtastrophe lie and got 2 shots. Now he has arythmia.

  36. What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this sub is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  37. God I wish you were really bad at cropping right about now. Fuck her

  38. I got a Twitter account like 6 years ago to tell Abby Lee Miller she was a terrible person and that’s basically it lmao it’s always been a worthless cesspool and will apparently always stay that way.

  39. As my friend and one of my D&D partners always says when faced with an adversary: “hmmm. I roll to kill them.”

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